Craig at the MiFo Film Festival

The “Kiss Me, Kill Me” cast was in Miami in full force to present their movie. The screening took place on April, 24. Check out all the photos from the event !


Full gallery  HERE.


Festivals updates for ‘Kiss me, kill me’

And we have more festivals and screenings coming for ‘Kiss me, kill me” !

Craig Robert Young @ Kiss me Kill me-Trailer 2015 (5)

02APR2016 : Q Fest Film Fest

09APR2016 : Boston LGBT Film Festival

24APR2016 : MiFo LGBT Film Festival

28APR2016 : Q Fest St Louis

03JUN2016 : FilmOut San Diego

Craig at Elton John’s Oscar viewing party

Craig and a bunch of closed friends were the guests of Elton John’s Oscar viewing party in Los Angeles. A British tradition now !

Craig Robert Young @ Elton John's Oscar viewing party 06.03.2016 (1)

On this night, the event would go on to raise $6.2 million by evening’s end. The main draw for guests was John, who served not only as host but also as the entertainment, performing with his band at the bash for the first time in nearly a decade.

Toscars 2016 winners

Here is the winners’ list from this year’s edition :

Craig Robert Young @ The Toscars by Danny Go 24.02.2016 (13)

Best Parody Film – “Mad Mex : Churro Road” (Kim Morgan Greene & Ewan Chung)
Best Whactress (actress) – Kim Morgan Greene – “Mad Mex”
Best Whactor (actor) – Harry Van Gorvan – The Short (short)
Best Dicktator (director) – Marc Cleary – “Mad Mex”
Best Looking (DP) – Jimmy Page – “Mad Mex”
Best Cutter (editor) – Adam Wood – “Mad Mex”
Best Tunes (score) – Jonathan Mille – “Mad Mex”
Best scribblers (writters) – Martin Lee White & Serena Lorien for The Short (short)
Best supporting Whactress (supporting actress) – Salme Geransar – The Short (short)
Best supporting Whactor (supporting actor) – Wyatt Bunce – The Short (short)

Toscars teams on the way !

Right after the Oscar nominations, The Toscars teams have just been selected, next step is now on with the writing…

The Toscars, now in its 9th year, are a group of comedians, writers, directors and producers who create 5-mn parody films of the nominated films for best picture at that sound-a-like award show ! Teams have 3 weeks to write, direct, cast, shoot, edit and score their masterpieces. This year’s show will be MC’d by Emmy award winner Jai Rodriguez from Queer Eye For The straight Guy.

The 8 teams of up to 10 members will be judged by the newly formed Whacademy, made up of 40 former winners and participants of years past, in 10 categories including Best Whacting (acting), Best Cutter (editor), Best Tunes (score), Best Looking (DP), and others.

The night will start with a red carpet and cocktail reception in the courtyard of the Renberg Theatre in West Hollywood, followed by the screening of the 8 films which will segue straight into the awards (full list of presenters to be announced soon).

Afterwards, the winners will be celebrated with a dessert reception. One thing that is guaranteed – a lot of fun will be had.

Toscars rules: teams of a maximum of 10 people are given $250 to create their parody film. The films can be no longer than 5 mn, and the title must be different from the original.