2001/2003 Voice Over Work


Voice : Craig Young as Paul Wilson & TV reporter (episodes 9, 11 & 12)

Synospsis : Paul Wilson was one of humans turned by Incognito. He had a unique facination or perhaps infatuation is the best term with Seras Victoria. He often tried to get her to join his side by using his psychic powers to communicate with her. In the beginning he chose to become a vampire because he didn’t want to die.

He was also a SAS Agent before being abducted by Incognito. Paul Wilson was among those given the Freak Chip by Incognito for the final attack on the Tower of London. Wilson recieved several chips that implanted themselves throughout his body, apparently making him even more powerful than the average “Freak”. It was only after gaining his power, Wilson cryptically plagued Seras’ dreams, frightening her and taunting her. When the battle of the Tower of London breaks out, Wilson takes on Seras directly, transforming into a freakish bat-creature. Seras eventually overcomes him, defeating him by slamming one of her Harkonnen bullets down his throat with her bare hands.



Voice : Craig Robert Young as Lord Dent & Guard (episodes 8 & 9)

Synopsis : Jack Hofner and Rowe Rickenbacker, Cloud 7’s top agents, are mandated to do anything in their power to protect the Ishtarian royal family as well as their reputation while also protecting their property from crime and terrorism. While a few of their cases involved the protection of royal artifacts and royal family affiliates, Jack and Rowe were tasked by Commander Camille Freed to secure Noelle Ardelade, a supposed native of Ivory Island from press publicity. As time continues to pass, the two agents continued to get involved in corruption, bombings and murder to solve a case that could rock Ishtar’s national foundation. Jack and Rowe, working under Mister’s orders, are placed in a black operation to expose top officials of DTI and Duke Regent Rand for their involvement in the assassination of Prince Sparda after he found out that there were illegal dealings in securing Ivorystone from Ivory. The two agents fake the assassination of Noelle in front of a live audience, which was also televised worldwide, to arrest the Duke and DTI Chairman Taylor for the prince’s death.