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Craig Robert Young : Operation Comescu unveiled !

After six weeks of construction, Craig Robert Young Online is now totally finished and working. Nothing better to celebrate that launch than a few questions & answers with Craig himself… Check out this exclusive interview about his character in “NCIS:Los Angeles”, just one day before the beginning of Season 3 on CBS. Do not miss him in the first episode ‘Lange, H.” !

Craig, how did you get involved in NCIS:Los Angeles ?

I had audition numerous times for a different episode and the casting directors – Jason Kennedy and Susan Bluestein – called me in for a different role in the episode “Familia”. I got a call from my agent to say that they didn’t want me for that role, but for a bigger role that would be introduced in the episode. I would be a bigger guest star for the following season.

Tell us more about your character : how does Dracul Comescu fit into the family hierarchy ?

Dracul is the only blue-eyed blonde haired member of the family – so I think there is some mystery behind him. Alexa is his mother (played by Christine Rose). He is definitely the second most powerful behind his mother.

How did you get prepared to your role ?

Well, I had shot a movie in Romania called “Slaughter” and befriended a lot of the cast and crew there. The most important thing for me was nailing the accent. I’m so thankful for the invention that is Skype, I got to finesse the accent with Christ Hogas, a Romanian actor I had worked with. By spending a lot of time in Romania, I was fortunate to observe the way of life there. How they carry themselves, what struggles they have… They seem to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. I also worked on his behaviour and… his Romanian smile. Dracul is very focused : when he wants something he gets it.

Did you take part of any table read or meet the main writer ?

There was no table read for the first episode back, and I didn’t get to meet Shane before starting to work.

Were you impressed meeting the cast ? How was it to work with the amazing Linda Hunt ?

I was very impressed by the level of professionalism on the show, everyone was extremely polite and welcoming. I asked Linda Hunt, where she kept her Oscar. She laughed and said it’s on a shelf in her house. What a lovely lady !

(Craig and his stunt double)

Where were you shooting all the scenes ? At the “green house” at the beach ?

We went back to the “green house” for the season Premiere too. That was actually shot in Long Beach. We also shot in downtown Pasadena.

What happened during the chasing scene with Eric Olsen ?

I had a slight accident, where I banged my knee into a steel pole. I tried to carry on, but my knee just gave way. I rested up for about half an hour and just picked up where we had left off. I had a pretty nasty bruise there for a few weeks after, but luckily nothing too bad. Eric checked the playback on the monitor and said it looked pretty nasty !

Can you tell us how was the atmosphere with everyone on set ? Can you share any funny stories ?

Well, it was the first week back for everyone after hiatus. The atmosphere was really good. There was a bit of drama over Eric’s hair as he had cut it. So it didn’t match the season finale and as we pick up exactly where we left off, there was a debate about giving him extensions or not ! Daniela was great, we had a lot in common as she studied in London for a while and we knew a few of the same people. LL Cool J had just been in London, recording with Kasabian and he let me listen to the track on his headphones. He’s really “cool” !

Doug Rao (who plays a CIA agent) said that the NCIS boys were teasing his English accent. As a Brit in LA, did you also get this kind of joke ?

I know Doug, he’s a nice guy. They didn’t tease me about mine, but Dani did quiz me on my American accent… Which she said was pretty good, haha !

Are you still in touch with any member of the cast ?

Yes, Dani and Todd through the powers of Twitter. I sent them “Andy and Chaz” to look at, but still haven’t heard back from them yet. I want them to tease me on my English accent !

Last question : did Shane Brennan let anything possible for you to come back later this season ?

I can’t divulge this information, as you know it’s all very secretive over at O.P.S…. What I can say, is that Dracul ends this episode as a very pissed off man and will be looking to make things right in the future.

Thanks a lot for your answers, Craig. All we can hope now is that Shane Brennan wants to show us more of G. Callen and Dracul Comescu in the future…

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