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Craig in “Wannabe”

Wannabe” (2005) was written and produced by Craig Robert Young & Richard Keith, the same Team as for ‘Andy & Chaz bugger off to America‘, and directed by Richard Keith.

Officially released at the ‘Boston Film Festival’ in September 2005, the movie was also part of the official selection at the ‘Dances with Films Festival’ and at the ‘Indianapolis International Film Festival’ in 2006.

Steve Williams (Craig), from “The Busboys“, a famous UK boys band, decides to leave his singing career behind him after the death of his mates in a bus crash on tour, to become a professional actor in Hollywood. A journalist decides to make a documentary about his rise. But things are not really working out like expected, as Steve is being ‘fired’ by his manager after some… serious misunderstanding.

Craig Robert Young, Anna Becker & Adam Huss

Between true stories and fiction, you will follow his aborted attempts to become the next big thing in Hollywood. How does it end for him ? No spoilers here…

Check out all the photos from the movie in the “Wannabe” gallery !


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