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Craig Robert Young in PEANUTS:LA

Since a few weeks now, some drawings are popping up on Twitter that look a little bit familiar to NCIS:LA fans. It’s called “PEANUTS:LA” and the idea came from a very talented Japanese fan called Saori.

She offers us two exclusive drawings of our very own Craig Robert Young (aka as Dracul Comescu in the show).

– Who are you Saori ?
– I live in Osaka in Japan.My age is …secret. I’m doing work of design. graphics, products…etc.

– Since how long do you draw ?
I bought iPad2 about one month ago, I began to draw after a very long break, about ten years. I took lessons for an exam at the University of Arts. But, it was not my main course.  I studied interior & product design. And here, you can guess my age.

– Did you ever publish anything ?
No. Drawing is just as hobby for me, for my own pleasure.

– How came the idea of Peanuts : LA ?
When I watched the NCIS:LA Comic-Con panel video, Chris O’Donnell’s way of laughing reminded me of… Snoopy !

You can follow her amazing work through her Tumblr blog or on Twitter, enjoy it !

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