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Craig was live-tweeting during NCIS:LA !

If you missed it for any reason, here is the recap of Craig‘s tweets during the rerun of episode 03×01 on CBS, just a few minutes ago.

“I am tweeting live and answering your questions for the east coast feed of NCIS:LA, so that is what time on the west coast? I am Comescu.

Hola, hi, hello NCIS:LA-ians. First things first : I’m not Romanian, I am British.

I had auditioned three previous times for NCIS:LA and originally auditioned for the role of my brother, who was killed on the rooftop in season 2. I didn’t know if Dracul was gonna live or die, until the day before. Scripts are shrouded in secrecy.

Fist day of shooting was the exiting of the house and meeting agent hunter (Claire Forlani). First person I met was Eric C. Olsen having hair drama, because he had his hair cut in the break. He’s a great guy.

I worked on my Romanian accent with Cristi Hogas, a Romanian actor I had worked with on a movie called “Slaughter” over Skype.

Most of the Comescus were extras that agreed to come back. How great is that ? Who thinks it’s weird:  I’m blond and blue-eyed unlike…

I injured myself in the chase scene: my leg smacked into a vertical steel pipe. Eric C. Olsen was there to help me up. The Romanian scenes were shot in long beach (California).

I’d never seen NCIS:LA before. Now I don’t miss an episode : great writing !”


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