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Would you “trust” Craig R. Young ?

Here is one of Craig’s up-coming film project : “Trust”.

Living at the age of “Reality Shows”, what would happen if someone offers the chance of fame and fortune to twelve ex-reality TV Stars. But at what cost, is fifteen minutes of fame worth more than their lives ? So the question is : who will win… their life ? You’d better not trust anyone !

As people start disappearing from the house after they do one of the challenges, they start to question what is going on as the rules change with every step. As the number dwindles to just four people it then becomes apparent that the game is not what it seems. When you loose a challenge you loose permanently but you lose also your life in the most horrific way.
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Our favourite “Andy & Chaz” duo will team-up again as Craig R. Young will play Cooper Jackson-Lee and Darren Darnborough will play Simon Tanner, beside Kerry Finlayson,  Daz Crawford, Mirelly Taylor, Trevor Etienne and Emrhys Cooper.

This horror thriller written by Kerry Finlayson is currently in pre-production and is supposed to be shot in 2012 with a release date in 2013.

Japanese-American sales company Eleven Arts has already picked up the international rights to the movie. It will be produced and financed by Todd Slater of Slater Brothers Entertainment and Sweet Horror Films president Kerry Finlayson (source : Filmbiz Asia).


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