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Exclusive interview with Craig on Hawaii 5.0

Less than 24 hours after the first part of the Hawaii 5.0 / NCISLA:Los Angeles crossover aired, read what Craig Robert Young has to say about his much awaited comeback as Chris O’Donnell’s Romanian nightmare : the one and only Dracul Comescu.

– It took us 20 episodes since (03×01) “Lange, H” in NCIS:Los Angeles to see you back in the show. Must have been a big surprise to discover that you would actually be back in a crossover with… Hawaii 5.0 ?

Big surprise, yes. I really put it down to the Twittersphere spearheaded by you (CRY Online), that warranted it. On the set of “Lange, H.” Eric Olsen said : “Listen, if they didn’t kill you in this episode, you’ll be back.” It was a long time coming and a twist of shows but they brought Comescu back.

– Was this part of the crossover 100 % written by the H50 team, or was it in collaboration with the NCISLA team ?
I think it was primarlity H50 responsibility. Not 100% sure though.

– After seeing his family being killed by the NCIS:LA team, Dracul must have been very hateful and certainly did not expect to meet Callen in Hawaii…
LOL – I thought there was going to be a more epic way of them meeting (how about a scene where Dracul knew Callen was on the Island ?) I had visions of Dracul kidnapping Kensi and revealing some more secrets about Callen… But alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

– Getting back into the role must have been easier this time : the character, the accent, the nasty smile…
LOL – the Romanian smile – which means they don’t smile. Yes a bit easier, my motivation was survival, money and eventually revenge.

– Chasing scenes can be dangerous. After banging your knee in NCIS:LA, chased by Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen), you hurt your ankle being chased by Callen (Chris O’Donnell). You can’t be that clumsy ! What happened this time ?
I guess i am a bit of a numnuts. I just saw a psychic who said, if they ask you to do your own stunts in the future you have to say no. – lol. This time a camera dolly ran over my foot in the the chase with Callen – just before I turn the corner and knock over the final lady. It was painful but like a trouper, I continued without much fuss.  OK, maybe an icepack and a couple of tablets…

– How was it to work Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J again ? And meeting Scott Caan and Daniel Dae Kim ?
I am so honored to work with those guys. Chris is brilliant and very funny, we talked a lot about surfing and things to do on the island as we both came in for the weekend before – he brought his family, which was great. Todd is always so cheerful, I congratulated him on his hosting at the Emmy’s. Scott (The Dannado) was cool, he asked if I was an Aussie – lol – and told me about a play he wrote, which he’s putting on in LA in June at the Falcon theatre. His dog was on set, who’s really cool. Daniel and I talked about the supporters on Twitter. He really digs it too. He’s the one who talked about a Twitter campaign to bring me back for the crossover !

– Did you have time to bring up some “Lost” memories with Daniel ?

– No, we were never in any scenes together in “Lost”. And we didn’t talk about it either. I got a lot of interesting stories from the transpo guy though, who used to work on “Lost” too.

– The first comments this morning from those who could watched live, was that they really expected to see more from you : on one hand, the H50 fans didn’t know the history between Comescu and Callen and expected some clues about it, and on the other hand the NCISLA fans, who were hoping for more details and a little bit more interaction after all this time. It seems they like to kill characters very quickly. What are your thoughts on that ?
I have to agree, as did Chris O’Donnell – we talked about it – he was pissed that we didn’t get more time together and more secrets weren’t revealed. I thought it was weird to bring in the doctor character at the end of the episode, it would have seemed more logical to take Comescu back to LA… Surely. I felt like they built Dracul up throughout the whole episode and for it to be over so quickly in a chase scene (albeit it was a really cool chase scene) was a little disappointing for me. But oh, well this is TV. You have to move on. On the upside, this is now my third onscreen death – so i’m getting pretty good at it now.

– You had a lot of fun in Hawaii and had some time for sight-seeing. What would you recommend ?
Alan Wong’s restaurant. The Doris Duke home tour and Pearl Harbour tour – they are both fascinating.

Exclusive pics from Craig Robert Young / Photographer : Stoyan Vassev.


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