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Craig and his Richard Burton campaign !

Craig was talking about the “Richard Burton campaign” on Blog Talk Radio yesterday evening :

“There is a “Movie of the Week” on Lifetime. And they are making a fantastic movie based on the life of Richard Burton and Elisabeth Taylor and their dynamic and passionate love story.For me Richard Burton has always been one of my idols, he inspired me to be a better actor and if you ask me ”who is your idol, who is your influences”, Richard Burton for me, is the number one.

So, when this came about I heard that they were doing the movie, I got very excited and put that on Twitter, that I finally would get the role of my life. So we’re just campaigning really hard, my manager is doing her part and she’s kind of trying to make things happen for me too, or at least have the opportunity to be seen.

“I’ve been working on my Richard Burton voice… I have the script, in my possession. I was fortunate enough to get it and so I’ve been reading it, and re-reading it and doing a lot of development and just waiting for that call when they say “Ok, we would like to say Craig Robert Young for the role as Richard Burton”.

Keep on supporting Craig, like it, share it, forward it and don’t forget to vote !


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