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Craig’s upcoming projects

Now that the “Hawaii 5.0” buzz is over, time to turn the page and write a new chapter. Let’s focuse on what’s coming up in the next months for Craig

– Will you still play “A design for living” next summer ?

– Unfortunately not – I had a trip to Africa booked for June and July and it conflicts, same reason I’m not doing the movie “Legendary – Tomb of The Dragon” that shoots in China. All these conflicts don’t make me very happy, but this trip is very important to me, as part of it I’ll be working at an orphanage, teaching the kids some acting skills.

– Where are Andy & Chaz hiding ? How far is the script you were writing with Richard Keith ? Is the movie about to see the light at the end of the tunnel ?

– I know it’s on a bit of a hold – but the script is complete and very, very funny. And we have a meeting very soon with a very famous starlet, to play a big role in the film. These things take time unfortunately, so we have to be patient.

– In fall “Return to the Hiding Place” will finally hit the US theatres. Since you shot some new scenes back in March, will there be any major changes to the previous version of the movie ?

– MAJOR, yes ! I was fortunate to see the new version, and I tell you it’s like a whole different film. I think you’ll really like it.

David Thomas Jenkins & Craig Robert Young on the set of “Return to the Hiding Place” (March 2012)

– Any chance you’ll get a casting call to play Richard Burton ?

– Hmmmm… I am working hard on campaigning, thanks to CRY Online and the butterbees on Twitter, etc…I am doing a lot of research and preparation. Me and my team are going to campaign hard. So we’ll see…

Exclusive photo from Craig Robert Young / Stoyan Vassev – Photo from the set : Robin Grevelle Morriss


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