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Keep on spreading the word about Craig !

We still have some time left to get Craig‘s name in everybody’s mouth to play Richard Burton and get attention from the Lifetime TV producers. Thank you to Sean Borg who is a great help :

Is This Lindsay’s Dick…? Actor’s Screen-test Leaked On Twitter

Source : Sean Borg goes LA

“As the media hounds wait with baited breath as to who will be announced to play Richard Burton opposite Lindsay Lohan, much speculation is surrounding British actor, Craig Robert Young.

As rumors swirl, the word is that Young has already caught the eye of casting directors for the upcoming Lifetime original – Liz & Dick: A Love Story.

However, I’m told the debate is that Lifetime want to cast a name in the role and the producers want to cast and unknown.

Last week I revealed a bunch of names on Lohan’s personal wish list, and one of them just happens to be Craig Robert Young.

Mysteriously, today, a video which show’s the actor as Richard Burton was leaked on Twitter, it shows Young as Burton in what looks like an actual screen-test for the film. I must say its convincing stuff!

One thing is for sure; whoever lands the coveted role of Burton is heading for a helluva lot of attention… Lindsay’s “comeback” is sure to grab more than a few headlines !”

So you know what you have to do ? Keep on spreading the word to show your support and vote !


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