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Top 10 reasons for Craig to play Richard Burton

There are at least 10 good reasons for Craig to play Richard Burton… Still a few days left to show your support ! Keep on voting !

1. They are both from South Wales, in fact neighboring towns. Maesteg and Pontrhydyfen are only 5 km apart, years later Craig’mother attended the same school as Richard.

2. They both look a like, same face shape, hanging lower lip and even have the same Hairline, body shape and height, both measuring 5’9″ tall.

3. They were both born into working class coal mining families – Craig’s father worked in the mines for 16 years and went through 2 major strikes. There was times when Craig’s mother would pick potatoes in the fields to put food on their plates.

4. They both changed their surnames; Richard used to be Jenkins and Craig was Yates.

5. Last year while at home Craig visited Richard’s birthplace and had his picture made under the plaque “Richard Burton was born here“. After reading Richard’s autobiography, Craig was forever inspired.

6. Both were encouraged to lose their accents throughout their careers.

7. They both were young newspaper boys.

8. Both have played Germans, Craig in the TV show “Fringe” and the soon to be released faith-based movie “Return to The hiding Place” and Burton in “Breakthrough“.

9. Both have a love for Rugby and beer.

10. Neither have them have won an Oscar, although Craig still holds hope…


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