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Best Guest Performance on “Fringe” : Craig R. Young

Did you know that Craig was one the most popular guests in the TV show “Fringe” ?

Here is a nice article about his performance :

“I took a trip down “Fringe” lane to look at the many guest performances the show has had over the years, and though they’ll without a doubt have plenty more by close of season, here are the stellar ones of the now !

Craig Robert Young in “The Bishop Revival”
Episode 13 of “Fringe”s second season took a break from the typical format of disconnected one-off episodes and jam-packed mythology boosters in favor of something rather deliciously stranger. The poster tagline of “‘Fringe’ Takes on the Nazis” was quite a risky point to tackle for the show, but they wouldn’t have pulled it off without Craig Robert Young’s jaw-slicing and silkily sinister performance as the episode’s nameless Nazi. Without being given character background, and in fact relying almost completely on the anonymity of his character, Young’s gleeful tenor line readings amounted to one fantastically bonkers villainous performance.”

Source : High on Celluloid

Check out our “Fringe” page for more info about the episode and some behind-the-scenes photos. And if you’ve never watched the show, have a look at Craig’s performance :


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