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Craig is heading to Africa

Craig is on his way for a big trip to Africa that will lead him to Dubai (U.A.E.), Cape Town (South Africa), Livingstone and Mfuwe (Zambia) for holidays but also for a charity association.

Bushcamp Safari does great work in the local community and particularly the school, where it supports the education of literally hundreds of kids.

“We will be spending time with the kids at the school. Together we will raise around $5,000 to be used for a special gift to the school. They are in the midst of building new classrooms and dorms, so the list of things they need—desks, beds, etc.—is large. One item that we are considering providing them with is a satellite dish. This would use most of our budget and perhaps get them a month or two of very expensive satellite internet service (it’s around $400 a month), but would also have a profound impact in their education and seems like an appropriate gift from our hi-tech group. We’re hoping to leave behind some computing and photo gear, too”.

Craig will be engaing the kids in Improv games to help self asteem and encourage creative expression through acting.


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