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Craig on a photo safari with the Bushcamp Company

Here is a little bit more about Craig’s epic trip in South Africa and Zambia, more when he’ll be back !

 “When we learned about The Bushcamp Company, the only safari operator in the southern part of Zambia’s game-filled South Luanga National Park, we not only wanted to visit, we wanted to share it with our readers in a way that a story or video couldn’t provide. We decided the best way to share the experience was to actually share the experience, and we are proud to announce our first CH Edition trip. This trip of a lifetime combines adventure, education and community action as well as a few surprises.

The South Luanga National Park, is one of the greatest game reserves in the world, home to a range of more than 60 mammals (including lions, tigers, rhinoceros, elephants, zebras, buffalo, hippos, baboons, giraffes and impalas), some 400 species of birds and vegetation unique even in Africa. It’s also one of the least visited, so you won’t be spending your time looking at other travelers instead of the amazing surroundings. Combining both driving and walking components, this safari offers a different experience from many others.

It’s been said that “From a vehicle you see Africa. On foot you feel, hear and smell Africa,” and we agree. By walking through the park in small groups with a guide (and armed chaperone) we’ll get to experience the smallest details alongside the biggest game.

Our days will consist of an early morning, late afternoon, and evening safari. We’ll talk photography, share stories, enjoy a siesta and tea, and three meals a day. You’ll be traveling with Josh Rubin and Evan Orensten, the co-founders of Cool Hunting, and Greg Stefano, our video producer (as we’ll be creating a Cool Hunting video of the trip).

All travelers will start the trip at the Mfuwe Lodge, where we’ll spend the first two nights. Then we’ll split up into smaller groups as we venture into the park and spend the next five nights in the bushcamps (each bushcamp has three or four rooms), though we will all meet up once a day. We’ll come together again on the last night.

Supporting the local rural community is part of The Bushcamp Company’s mission, and we will not only spend our last day visiting the local school, we will contribute to it. Guests are encouraged to share their life experience with the students with a lecture or demonstration. Chilongozi is a rural school with very limited means, and they are in the process of building a much needed classroom and dormitory.

Each guest, as part of their tour fee, will be donating a desk to the school, and The Bushcamp Company has generously offered to match our donations. The desks are made locally, providing jobs and additional revenue to the community. We’ll also be accepting donations for so many other things that are needed at this school.”

Article by Evan Orensten / Photos by Evan Orensten & Craig R. Young

 Check out our PHOTO GALLERY and have a look at COOL HUNTING !


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