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Craig’s Wannabe effect…

Once upon a time in 2005, Craig Young & Richard Keith were teaming up together to put on screen Craig’s first featured movie as an actor / writer / producer.

“Wannabe” had good critics at some US festivals but unfortunately, things didn’t turn out as planned and the movie got lost for some unknown reasons in the Hollyverse… With “Wannabe” being back on track seven years after, people will get the chance to see Craig’s great acting, dancing and writing skills. Funny, moving, nasty, entertaining, the mockumentary describes perfectly the image most of us have from Hollywood. And Deuce fans will be happy to see some old footage !

Busy doing promo, Craig had some time to answer a few questions for CRY Online…

–  Craig, somehow you were like a “mentor” for all the cast and that makes the movie a little bit special : Tate Taylor, Matt Dallas, Jonathan Dixon and the Oscar winner Octavia Spencer ! Do you have any news from Anna Becker (Molly in “Wannabe”) ?

–  I believe Anna Becker moved to Tel Aviv with her husband. She is a truly talented actress who I respected very much, she brought such great energy to “Wannabe” ! As for the rest, I don’t think I was a mentor at all… I was just so happy that I got such great talent to appear in my little film, even before they became famous !

–  Is it easier to get into your character if you write your own script or does it makes things more complicated ?

–  It’s harder actually, as I tend to see myself very different to others. I was lucky to be writing with Richard Keith, as he was able to write the things that I would probably like to leave out.I mean the more embarrassing stuff !

–  There are so many details picked up from your own story that it makes it hard to figure out what’s actually pure fiction…

–  Yes, I’m a fan of letting people guess what really happened, what was embellished and what was totally made up.

 – Tell us a little bit about Steve Williams, your character. How would you describe him : weak or naive ?

–  Steve is one of those happy-go-lucky guys, who when landing in dirt, will pick him self up, brush himself off and thank his lucky stars that it wasn’t dog muck. He is definitely not weak as you will see towards the end of the movie, where the quote ‘nothing like a man in a dog suit scorned’ comes to mind. He starts off very naive and a little helpless, but he definitely triumphs in the end.

–  Do you think he would have been able to become a successful actor in 2012 ?

–  I don’t think Steve was ever destined for great things ! I think right now he’s probably married with a couple of kids selling real estate perhaps… We ought to do a “where are they now” follow up.

–  Any funny memories from the set ?

–  So many great times ! We shot over the course of five months, so through out the movie there was a lot of different lengths of hair, stubble and weight issues that we’d have to shoot around. I just remember it was very hard to keep a straight face with a lot of these fine improv actors doing there thing !

Check out all the official STILLS and the PHOTOS from the movie – and of course watch it on FACEBOOK !


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