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Stephen Cooper : scriptwriter for “The Moment”

Craig R. Young shot a short movie part of the “50 Kisses” competition at the end of August, called “The Moment” (read former post). Learn more about Stephen Cooper who wrote the script.

Craig in "The Moment"

Still from “The Moment”

“I was told about 50kisses by a fellow script writer Gareth Turpie (who made it to the last 100 himself) and thought I’d give it a go. I hadn’t wrote a short in a while as I was mostly concentrating on my feature writing, but the competition seemed like an interesting one.

The idea of writing something a little more romantic than my normal violence’s and horror style scripts was a draw, and so was the idea of the competition to put all 50 films together to create a feature.

I came up with the concept of ‘The Moment’ very quickly. It had been an idea that had been floating in my head for a while and this seemed the perfect project for it. I knew I wanted to write something that was dialogue based and set in a single location because of the filming side of the competition. So I made sure I wrote something that I felt I could film myself if I wanted (which I haven’t in the end, filmed that is).

I wrote around three drafts of the script before I sent it off. Most of the drafts where focused on sharpening up the dialogue and interaction between the two leads. I wanted the script to have a type of ‘his girl friday’ interplay between the two characters and felt when I had achieved that kind of thing it was ready.

Full article on : Journey of an Aspiring Scriptwriter / Filmmaker


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