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“The Moment” one of the Top 10 scripts for 50 Kisses

The 50 Kisses competition is reaching its end : “The Moment“, written by Stephen Cooper is one of the Top 10 scripts for 50 Kisses. The winner will be revealed at the London Screenwriters’ Festival on October 26th.

In the meantime, learn more about the short movie and Kerry & Evan, the filmmakers.

How did you hear about the 50 Kisses Competition?

Kerry: I met Chris Jones back in 2004 at a barbeque at Ealing Studios. He was talking about his book ‘The Guerilla Film Maker’s Handbook’ and how to be an independent film-maker, this information has stayed with me and helped in every production I have worked on since.

Years later when Chris was making ‘Gone Fishing’ I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I came on board as an Associate Producer and ended up being the LA correspondent for all of the Film Festivals in California and even got to take the film reel to the Academy. Since then Chris and I have remained friends and followed each other’s progress in this crazy world called show business. Then ’50 kisses’ came about at the best time and we felt we wanted to be a part of this great idea. We couldn’t wait to start delving through the scripts.

The last short you filmed was Stephen Cooper’s “The Moment.” Why did you select that script?

Evan: I knew the minute I read the script it would be extremely popular. It has all the ingredients a low budget company like ours looks for: two actors, one location, engaging dialogue and a twist. It was a no-brainer, but we later discovered many other filmmakers felt the same way, so we would have tons of competition. Which is cool, since it drives us to step our game up.

Who did you cast for the two leads?

Kerry: We again used two friends. For the target, we cast Craig Robert Young, who is having a fantastic run playing mean guys in shows like NCISLA and Hawaii 5-0. He let us use his home in the Hollywood Hills, incidentally the same house where SAG was created. For the hitman, we cast Don Donnelley, who played Danny in “Blood Rush.” We sent him a text one morning out of the blue asking him, “How is your Irish accent, and would you be comfortable kissing a man?” He jumped right in without hesitation and delivered exactly what we needed, and brilliantly, take after take.

Did you guys have a crew for your three films?

Kerry: For 95% of the work we’ve done including these shorts and the features, it’s just me and Evan. He handles all the technical issues like lighting, sound, camera and post-production. I manage the creative and production end of things and do all the corresponding. On “The Moment” we did have a couple other hands helping out, which always makes life easier. But otherwise, as I’m sure you can imagine, without help we were absolutely knackered.

How did you and Michael Daniel the composer work together?

Evan: By this point, he and I have developed an efficient system. We worked on our two features and TV pilot together, so these shorts were a natural extension of our collaboration. I send him the final edit with my ideas of what the piece should sound like, and he emails back cues until we come to an agreement. I have a musical background, so I can tell him if a different tempo, key or instrument might be better suited. It took roughly a week for him to compose each score for these shorts. I’m always amazed by his speed, creativity and flexibility (…)

Read the full interview HERE


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