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Photoshooting in Los Angeles

I had recently a nice chat with a young and talented photographer, named Stoyan Vassev. In April, he did a terrific photoshooting with Craig. You can see most of the pics in our GALLERY.

– How did you meet Craig ?

– We meet through the Brits in LA group. As I arrived in Los Angeles, I was searching for people, so I made an advertisement to offer a free shooting. He needed to do some pictures for “Hollywood Monthly Magazine“. I think he saw this advertisement  and decided to make a shooting. It was fun ! It was a really good shooting, because I didn’t know what I was going to shoot ! I’ve never seen him before and I didn’t know the place. I had no idea of the shooting, so it was just like : I came there and we started shooting.

– Where did you shoot exactly ? There was a blue truck in front of a house…

– The shooting was made in his house in Hollywood. I don’t remember in which part of Hollywood ! And this truck was in his street – I don’t know whose truck it was… First we were shooting in the house, then we went out and I said to him : “Just jump in the truck !

– What are your favourite shots from him ?

– I like the shot of him sitting in the car with the sun glasses. I also love the black & white ones, they have more character. I love the shot with the glass of whiskey and the black and white headshots we did.

– You worked again with he Brits in LA members recently ?

– Yes, I worked on the latest event they had, their 5th anniversary. The only bad thing is that everyone was late and I had another shooting after this one. So I had to leave when the party started ! I wish it would have started earlier, so I could have done more shots of people having fun !

If you want to know more about Stoyan’s work, you can check the other part of our interview HERE.

Follow Stoyan on Facebook at GrandReport USA and GrandReport Russia and check out his work on Flickr !

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