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Interview with Craig R. Young for Functional Girl

Check out a brand new interview with the “always busy” Craig for “Functional Girl“. He’s talking about his next projects !

Craig Robert Yum… I mean Young ! (Functional Girl 15/11/2012)

I first met Craig when I read with him at an audition last year. Forget about the fact that he’s, quite simply, a brilliant actor, he’s also impossibly charming with a wicked sense of humor… did I mention that he’s sexy as hell? Yeah, that too. Well now you understand the nickname. What I didn’t learn until getting to know him a little better is that he’s a smart, ambitious entrepreneur who has started two companies and founded a non-profit… talent, brains, looks and a big ol’ heart. Who else could have possibly been our very first Functional Guy? No one, that’s who.

(…) FG: Aside from being an exceptionally good actor, you’re also an entrepreneur. Tell us about the evolution of your company, Brits in LA.

CRY: Why thank you for the compliment! Brits in LA evolved organically with fellow Brit Eileen Lee in 2007. We both realized that there was no real sense of community in LA. I felt that the Russian, Armenian and Mexican cultures were all well represented and with the huge influx of British ex-pats moving to LA, they needed somewhere to feel like they belonged. LA can be a lonely place without your loved ones and friends. So we set out to build an online social group that offered friendly advice and support, which has grown into hosting high profile events.

FG: 2012 has been a big year for you! You started your own production company, launched a non-profit and the film Wannabe, which you co-wrote and starred in, premiered exclusively on Facebook. What’s next?

Well the scary but exciting thing about life in general is that we never really know what’s around the corner. At the moment I’m working diligently to get the UKares up and running, and hope to raise a lot of money for the cause. I’ve banded together with a great group of people who have donated a lot of their precious time and talents. Ukares is about helping families and individuals from the UK and commonwealth in times of transition, need and crisis. There have been a lot of cases where people have not been able to get home to attend a family member’s funeral, or have had a serious accident and their family couldn’t afford to visit them, or someone has fallen ill can’t work to pay their  bills. Somethings we take for granted, like the NHS,  aren’t available in the US.  Health care is a big concern to UK subjects. With Obamacare we feel we will be able to provide affordable group healthcare for those that have made a home for themselves under the red, white and blue umbrella. We all need a helping hand sometimes.

I’m auditioning and getting close on things but still waiting for that one right job. I’ve been developing a pilot with Mike Sullivan who created Growing Pains. I can’t talk about it just yet, but I think it’s amazing and will be a hit. I’ve also been working on another show set at the Jersey shore. The location was devastated by Hurricane Sandy, so everyone is doing fundraisers to provide relief for those effected (…).

You can read the entire interview HERE.


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