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Toscars Selection Night

The Toscars Selection Night took place last night at Palihouse in Los Angeles.

Brits in LA & Toscars members have decided to add one more movie to their list : as the British James Bond reached its 50th birthday and has never been nominated at The Oscars, he’s been automatically selected for The Toscars !

2013.01.10 Craig Robert Young-Toscars Selection (1)

(click on the photo to access the gallery)

Team leaders and members have now been associated to their parodies and the jury members will be announced in the next few days :

Team 1 : Life of Pi

Team 2 :Lincoln

Team 3 : Amour

Team 4 : Zero Dark Thirty

Team 5 : Beast of the Southern Wild

Team 6 : Les Misérables

Team 7 : Silver Linings Playbook

Team 8 : Skyfall

Team 9 : Argo

Team 10 : Django Unchained

The Toscars evening will be held at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, on February 19th.


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