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Interview for ‘Mind the Gap’: Craig Young, CEO of ‘Brits in LA’

Craig Young falls happily in that middle ground. He’s been here since 1999 and has credits that include Hawaii Five-0, NCIS: Los Angeles and Fringe, though many in the U.K. might remember him from several years on soccer series Dream Team.

Craig Robert Young

He’s definitely “worked” (as they say), though it’s for something else that most local Brits know him: he’s the co-founder, CEO and front man of Brits in LA, a super-friendly organization for expats that bloomed into a thriving social and online networking phenomenon (currently over 2,500 “Likes” on Facebook and 1,939 followers on Twitter).

He recently spoke to Mind The Gap about coming to Los Angeles, admitting that on arrival he “instantly fell in love with the place,” though his initial impressions were similar to those that many Brits have when they first land in the City of Angels: “I was fascinated by how big everything is here and how welcoming all the people are, but at first it was a little off-putting. Why are they being so nice, what do they want? Seems like they are disingenuous. But you soon realize that it’s not that at all. They mean it when they ask ‘How are you ?’”

He quickly added, “Though obviously not everyone here is like that. There are a lot of opportunists.” But then he said that his favorite thing about living in L.A. was the variety. Two hours drive you are in the desert, and two hours the other way up in the mountains skiing.”

Read the full interview on BBC America HERE !


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