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“Pepper” raised its funding !

Congratulations to Craig and Mark : “Pepper” has successfully raised its funding on Kickstarter with 205 bakers and 13 635 $ pledged !


The movie has a brilliant cast so far : Scott Kaske (Pepper), Kadan Rockett (Charlie) and Alejandro Romero (Cocina).

Rob Hauer has joined the crew as director of photography and production designer Alison Hanley from the TV shows ‘Wilfred’ and ‘New Girl’ as well.

Eugene Conde’s makeup work has been featured in many worldwide magazines such as Marie Claire, Rolling Stone, US Vogue or Japan Elle. He has also done the make-up for numerous music videos.

The multi-awarded composer, arranger and producer John Altman who has scored some scenes in “GoldenEye” (James Bond) but also arranged and produced music in James Cameron’s “Titanic”, will be on board as well.

And last but not least : Craig who has been writing lyrics with Elaine Macaluso theses last months, will get one of their songs featured in the movie : “Little White Liar” performed by Keaton Simons.


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