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“A stellar performance by the talented Craig Robert Young”

That’s a lovely movie review of “Return the Hiding Place“, thanks to Ellery Sadler !

Return to the Hiding Place - Stills 2011 (3)

“Told with beautiful authenticity, magnificent cinematography, and fabulous acting, this movie left me deeply moved and very impressed.

Acting: Well done and genuine

Show at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival, Return to the Hiding Place stood out as a truly fabulous film. It rightly achieved the Best Feature Film Award and the Audience Choice Award. I’ve seen a number of christian films that have left me unmoved and wondering why it seems so difficult to find good actors, and a good screenwriter, but I was pleasantly surprised by Return to the Hiding Place. With stellar performances by the talented Craig Robert Young, David Thomas Jenkins, Stass Klassen, and the supporting cast, this movie’s passion and authenticity recreated the World War Two era with amazing success. I was lost in the reality of their world and their lives (…).”

Read the full article : Inside Out Culture & News (22/04/13)


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