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Successful evening for the Premiere of “Return to the Hiding Place”

The entire Spencer family involved in “Return to the Hiding Place” and many cast members were attending the movie premiere in San Antonio yesterday evening. A unique opportunity to be reunited once again after almost two years !

Craig Robert Young @ Return to the Hiding Place Premiere San Antonio 28.04.2013 (1)

Josiah Spencer (co-director & editor), Craig Robert Young (Piet Hartog), Petra Spencer Pearce (producer), David Thomas Jenkins (Hans Poley), Rachel Spencer Hewitt (Aty Van Woerden)

Check out our photo gallery of the event and enjoy some great feedback about last night :

I went to the Barshop JCC San Antonio Premier showing of Return To The Hiding Place last night and was blown away… Talents galore and the artistry/cinematography was beautiful. I was touched by the film to tears at a couple of scenes. I was drawn into the period and storyline by the actors and even enjoyed a chuckle or two during the film. I think that is called ‘relief.’ Whatever it is called, it is a wonderful film. This is a film we all need to experience. Great job Spencer’s, cast, crew and everyone else who was involved in getting this done !” (Sherry)

Just experienced a great premier of a wonderful movie Return To The Hiding Place. The cast panel was filled with inspirational testimony about their involvement in the production. Beautifully done from the opening scene to the very last bit !” (April)

“Congratulations on your San Antonio premiere ! The film is beautiful and poignant. Thank you for sharing Hans Poley’s story with the world !” (Allison)

Beautiful and heart breaking, look out Hollywood !” (Sara)

And last but not least, the movie won the 2nd prize as a feature film at the First International Christian Film Festival in Orlando on April 27th, congrats !

International Christian Film Festival 2013


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