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Craig to star in “Platypus : The Musical”

Right after the Texas premiere of “Return to the Hiding Place“, Craig went straight to the set of the movie ‘Platypus: The Musical‘, to play a director. The movie is also starring Lea Thompson, Alex Newell, Lea Niemi, Michael McIlwee, Jennifer Elise Cox, Anoush Nevart and Trent Ford.

Lauri Levenfeld-Platypus the Musical 04.2013


Synopsis : Behind the scenes look at a group of driven young musical theatre actors working towards one common goal, being in the original cast of “Platypus the Broadway Musical“. These young adults are eager to compete, with their oddball personalities, and ambitious ways nothing will stop them from making sure they’re the star of the musical.

‘Platypus: The Musical’ is written by Mikey Levy and produced by Muchmore Productions.


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