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“Return to the Hiding Place” at the Life Fest Film Festival

Multi-awarded after a few successful festivals in Texas, “Return to the Hiding Place” with Craig Robert Young, Rachel Spencer Hewitt & David Thomas Jenkins, is coming to California and will be part of the Life Fest Film Festival official selection.

Life Fest Film Festival

Life Film Fest is a world-wide film festival dedicated to showcasing films which affirm the importance of the human experience and the unique value of every life. Life Fest is held, “in the heart of the entertainment industry.”

The Festival Team also helps raise up a whole new generation of filmmakers and giving them entrance into this industry that so impacts the world.

The organizers offer programming and events for film enthusiasts of every interest and background. With the support of a passionate arts community, the festival has attracted worldwide interest from some of the industry’s best filmmakers.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, you can buy your ticket to have this unique chance to watch “Return to the Hiding Place” before its theatrical release. The screening is scheduled on May, 10th at 8.10 pm at the “Family Theatre Productions Screening Room” – 7201 Sunset Boulevard (Entrance at rear of building – accessible from Formosa Ave). You can order individual tickets HERE.


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