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“Dream Team” Diehard interview with Craig

The fan website ‘Dream Team Diehard‘ dedicated to the UK TV show “Dream Team” did recently a great interview with Craig. Only Brits will remember that epic show which aired on BBC1 and BBC3 from 1997 to 2007.

Dream Team‘ was following the ups and down of the fictional English Premiership club ‘Harchester United’ known as ‘The Dragons’ in the West Midlands and Craig played the role of Alex Wilkinson from 1998 to 1999.

Dream Team 1998 (1)

How did the role of Alex Wilkinson come about for you in Dream Team ?

It was a series of auditions. It was the first [acting] TV job I went up for. I was in a band for a couple of years, a pop group [Deuce]. And when I left that I was on MTV for a bit hosting. So the first theatrical job I auditioned for was Dream Team. It was for a couple of roles actually, I originally auditioned for the role of Billy that Phil Barantini ended up getting. So they kept bringing me back and were like ‘You know we have this other character that we think you’d be more suited for. He’s from the Midlands, he’s a young guy who’s been in a lot of trouble.’

I was like ‘OK cool.’ I was living up in Nottingham at the time, and the team was a Midlands-based team, so it was good for them to have a Midlands actor (obviously because I was from there!). They kind of liked that he was this local kid that had come up the ranks, he’d got mislaid a little bit, been in ‘juvie’ and then ended up coming out. So yeah it was a nice little experience, for the first job you go out on and you end up getting (…).

Read the full interview HERE.

You can catch up on the show and watch a clip with Craig and have a look at our photo gallery !



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