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Craig will play Nicholas Elliot in “Spymaster”

Breaking News ! Craig has just booked a lead role in “Spymaster” : the story of Kim Philby and the ‘Ring of Five’. Craig will play Nicholas Elliot. An associate of Philby whom has to bring him back to London, for a full confession and information about who he has been working with on the other side…

Craig Robert Young by John Anthony Sutton 07.2012 (2)

Synopsis : A good friend and first member of Philby’s new section, he too attended Trinity College Cambridge, but not at the same time as the ‘five’. Also a fast riser in the intelligence community, he ends up volunteering to get a written confession from Philby. Although he managed to get the verbal confession, he never managed to gain the penned version, and it is following his meeting with his old friend that Philby flees to Russia. He is deeply hurt by the betrayal.

When the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) discovers a mole is betraying deadly secrets to the enemy, it assigns its best agent to investigate. But what if this spy hides a shocking secret of his own, and the investigator becomes the investigated ? Based on the story of real-life British master spy Kim Philby, the inspiration behind James Bond, this riveting story is a thrilling and timely adventure blending espionage, politics, love and betrayal—as Philby is forced to confront the dual nature of his character, and come to terms with those he has betrayed…


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