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CRY Online celebrates its 2nd anniversary !

Folks… CRY Online is TWO YEARS OLD today !

Craig Robert Young @ Pepper the Movie-Behind the scenes 04.2013 (23)

This year has been a rollercoaster for Craig with many great projects becoming reality…

– the launch of Young at Heart Production, Stol’n Heart Films, UKares and Token Minorities

– some hilarious short movies : “The Moment” (50 Kisses competition), “Game of Shakes” (Game of Thrones parody), “Hot mess”, “Platypus the Musical” and “Trippy”

– the 5th Anniversary of Brits in LA and another Toscars edition

– the release of Wannabe on Facebook after 7 years, It was about time !

– a sold out World Premiere in San Antonio (Texas) for “Return to the hiding place” with cast and crew, after being awarded at many festivals and a special screening in Australia

… and last but not least : the successful Kickstarter campaign for “Pepper the Movie” !

So, we guess there is much more to come in the next months and CRY Online will be here for a few more sleepless nights, writing, cutting and editing !

Keep up the good work Craigy xxx


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