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Craig in the horror movie “Incendiary”

Sweet Home Films LLC is currently developing its next project ‘Incendiary’, a comedy horror !

Craig will play Jonathon Gale, an indie horror film director who struggles against a deadly curse in order to complete his next production…

2013 Craig Robert Young @ Incendiary

Jonathon Gale (30) is a British indie horror film director hoping for a hit; he’s thrown a ton of his own money into the project which he’s entitled, “Incendiary.” But the production seems plagued by problems. It’s not until one of his actresses is shot down by her boyfriend that Jonathon realizes he’s facing not simply a series of mishaps… but in fact a full-blown curse.

The bizarre calamities escalate : blindness, lightning strikes, broken bones, possession, alien invasion and a zombie apocalypse. Someone wants this film to stop, and the financial backers have begun to pull out. But cutting his losses would surely lead to Jonathon’s exile from the film world.

And so he presses on – joined by his crew of eccentrics – seeking the one who cast the sinister curse, a disgruntled actress who dabbles in witchcraft. The world may be spiraling into utter chaos, but Jonathon is going to finish this film!

“Incendiary” is a wry response to Robert Altman’s “The Player,” a satirical send up of the indie horror film world.

“He will finish this film, even if it kills him.”


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