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From the set of “Pepper” : Charlene Geisler

The lovely Charlene Geisler was one of the cast member of the short movie “Pepper“, that was shot in L.A. in april. Read what she has to say about her experience on the set of “Pepper” and working with Craig !

“Next on my schedule was the project PEPPER, produced and directed by British actor/director/producer Craig Robert Young.

Craig Robert Young & Charlene Geisler-Pepper 04.2013

No other than Neil Hopkins of ‘LOST’ fame (with whom I had worked in 2011 on the project “Starf*ckers”) recommended me to his friend and fellow actor, Craig Robert Young, who promptly offered me the role of the “Grand Daughter” after watching my demo reels and looking at my credits and resume. He told me that after watching my reels, he was very confident that I was more than qualified for the dramatic role and offered me the role without any hesitation !

We filmed for 2 days (all the way into the wee-hours) in the Hollywood Hills in Universal City, across the street from Universal Studios.

It was another fantastic filming experience, especially because this time I had to play a character that was supposed to be younger, just 12 years old ! Loved it !

I have to thank Neil Hopkins, Craig Robert Young, and the entire cast & crew for another memorable movie making experience.”


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2 responses to “From the set of “Pepper” : Charlene Geisler

  1. Stormy ⋅

    Very nice ! She,s an upcoming STAR !

  2. Dean J Geisler ⋅

    Charlene is a great actress and a wonderful person. She’s fun loving and kind to all.

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