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Craig at the British Airways A380 launch

British Airways launched its first A380 service, a double decker plane that’s the world’s largest passenger jet, to North America this week. BA is calling the flight the “red carpet route” from London to Los Angeles with four cabins and luxurious food. The flight, BA’s first A380 connection between London and North America, will carry 469 passengers.

To celebrate this event, BA threw a sumptuous party on Wednesday night at a gorgeous estate in the Hollywood Hills, co-sponsored by Variety Magazine.

Craig Robert Young @ BA A380 launch 26.09.2013 (1)



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One response to “Craig at the British Airways A380 launch

  1. My fiancé and I flew home from London on it a last week and it was fantastic! We were on the top level in economy and hands down, it was the best economy seating. We had tons of leg room and big flat screen monitors. Everything was new and shiny. BA service is always excellent, but I think that they were trying even harder with the new plane. We had a wonderful return flight home.

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