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Craig and Eileen’s California Dream

Dawn Bowery’s fundraising a lovely book about the Californian Dream, featuring real stories from real people – the highs and lows. Heartfelt stories about people who left their lives in England for the City of Angels. You’ll discover that each person’s definition of success is different but all are inspirational.

Craig Robert Young & Eileen Lee will also be featured in the book, talking about creating Brits in LA.

Craig Robert Young & Eileen Lee-Dawn Bowery Book 2014

“Los Angeles will forever have a special place in my heart and I feel so lucky to be living here and working as a photographer. It’s a dream come true. A few years ago I had the idea of combining my passion for photography with my interest in what brought my fellow Brits to Los Angeles. (…) For the coming months, I interviewed and photographed many people, getting to know them so that their portrait truly reflected their personality and life in Los Angeles. People from all kinds of different backgrounds, professions and walks of life are featured in this coffee table book. Some are celebrities and some are not and include an Olympic boxer, a butler, a rocket scientist and a scuba diving drummer to name a few.”

You can be part of the project through IndieGoGo (until Feb. 16th) and for more information, check out Dawn’s Facebook Page !


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