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‘The Toscars’ : Chapter 7

It’s Fist Time ! The Toscars are coming back in less than 6 weeks and the organizers turned into busy bees again…

The Toscars 2014


Participation Registration : Dec 16 -Jan 16 – (Only 50 places available)
Team Selection night : Jan 16 at ‘Bedford & Burns’
2 weeks of Ppre-Production
Filming : Jan 31-Feb 2 (3 days)
Post production : Feb 2-Feb 13
Film delivery : Feb 14 at 5.00 pm
Screening and Awards show : Feb 26 at the ‘Egyptian Theatre’ in Los Angeles

The Toscars will be awarding their first ever award called the “Stan Laurel Award for Excellence in Comedy” (recipient to be announced).

Check out the photos from the latest Toscars meeting :

Craig Robert Young @ The Toscars meeting 10.01.2014 (4)


Tickets to participate to The Toscars 2014 go on sale on December, 17th at 9.00 am.

 You can follow the Toscars on Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook.


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