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“Pepper” at “The Art of Brooklyn” Film Festival

Pepper The Movie” has been selected to a second film festival : “The Art of Brooklyn” Film Festival. The event will be held in New York from May 07-11. The screening is scheduled on May 8th, between 6.30 pm and 9.30 pm. Craig R. Young, Marc Cleary and Scott Kaske will be attending the festival.

Tickets can be ordered HERE.

The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival 2014


Drama, 18 min. USA
Directed by Craig Young & Marc Cleary
NYC Premiere
Today is a big day: it’s aged drag queen Pepper’s estranged son’s birthday, who disowned her 20 years ago for her lifestyle choices. A chance meeting with Charlie, an 8 year old reminds her about the family she left behind and the importance of making amends, or at least trying to.
Producer Michael Di Girolamo was born and raised in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY
Craig Robert Young is a UK actor. After a successful career in both London & Los Angeles, he began writing & directing. Two shorts later, “Scooter Mum” and “Soho Streets” were both successful at festivals. He has sold his script “Wannabe” to Warner Bros. The features “Andy & Chaz” and “Pepper” are next. Co-director Marc Cleary is one of LA’s best choreographers. Pepper is his first short film and he has now signed on to direct the film “Limelight.” He is currently writing the feature version of Pepper.
You can also read an interview of Marc Cleary about “Pepper” :

Marc Cleary: From Dancer to Director (Huffington Post 09.04.2014)



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