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CRY Online celebrates its 3rd Birthday !

It’s party time : CRY Online celebrates its 3rd Birthday today !

What the heck happened in one year ? Oh well, pretty much… Let’s catch up.

CRY Online Bday

As a good Brit, Craig attended a couple of charities (Heifer, Safety Harbour Kids, Starkey Hearing Foundation) but also a few Awards evenings (Oscars, Emmy) and some red carpets events (movie premieres and release parties).

Of course “The Toscars” were in the spotlight for its 7th year with one of his hilarious appearance in “12 days a stripper“.

Craig & Marc Cleary teamed up to deliver “Pepper the Movie“. The short movie is currently being screened in US festivals. He also played in the short “The Spymaster” directed by Patrick Embryo.

The feature film “Return to the Hiding Place” won many awards and was sold out at the Sundance Film Festival. The movie is finally having its national release and will come to US theaters on October 24th.

Craig & Eileen from Brits in LA were featured in the “California Dream” book by UK photographer Dawn Bowery.

In May, Craig had the chance to play Nikki in Noel Coward’s “Vortex” in Malibu and in July he was guest-starring in the TV show “Hit the Floor” on VH1.

… And last but not least, Jaguar USA chose him to be the villain in their latest video commercials !

Congrats and fingers crossed for what’s coming next !


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