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2015 Spirit of the Toscars winners

… And 3 Golden Fists go to…Craig for “Big Birdman” !

Craig Robert Young @ The Toscars by Walter Tabayoyong 17.02.2015 (15)


Here is the full list of winners :

Best Whactress – Dickie Sanderson – With-Lash

Best Whactor – Scott Kaske – Big BirdMan

Best Supporting Whactor – Craig Robert Young – Big BirdMan

Best Supporting Whactress – Lisa Marie Long -BoyWood

Best Dick (Director) Guy Ross – Big BirdMan

Best Tunes (Score) – Kyle Robertson – Immigration Game

Best Cutter (Editing) – Bryan Bowen – American Snapper

Best Scribbler (Screenplay) – Big BirdMan – Martin Lee White, Craig Robert Young & Guy Ross

Best Shooter (Cinematographer) – Reid Russell – Big BirdMan

Best Film – Big BirdMan – Produced by Craig Robert Young and Claire Spence 

This year the films were judged by Chesney Hawkes, Karen David, Sam Pancake and Drew Droege. See you next year for more parodies !


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