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UKares at the LA Pride Parade

Brits were making history this week as the first foreign government to march in at the Los Angeles Pride. Craig R. Young with his UKares Foundation took part of this annual event beside Chris O’Connor, British Consul General in California.

Craig Robert Young @ LA Pride 12.06.2015 (4)

Scott Kaske & Craig Robert Young


“I believe it is the obligation of any government which promotes human rights to support the LGBT community globally. I and my colleagues from the British Consulate will do that this Sunday. We’ll be easy to spot on our red double-decker bus! Our colleagues at British Consulates in Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, New York and San Francisco will support Pride in their cities. So will our Embassy in Washington, D.C., and our representation to the United Nations.” (Chris O’Connor)


Check out our Brits on Christopher Street West (West Hollywood) at the LGBT PRIDE Parade !


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