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Interview for Virtuoso Sounds UK

Now living the glamorous life in Los Angeles with the acting elite, the very eloquent and charming Craig Robert Young has become a big household name in the US. With a list of TV credits that include top shows; ‘Lost’, ‘Melrose Place’, ‘The Spyder Games’, ‘Sabrina The Teenage Witch’, ‘Charmed’ and even more recently smash hit shows ‘NCIS, ‘Hawaii 5.0’, ‘Fringe’, and ‘Hot In Cleveland’. 

Craig Robert Young by Carl Hyde-London Camden 07.2015 (2)

As all good journalists do, we managed to get him to join us down at a local in Camden for a chat about current Sky One series ‘The Last Ship’ and all the other forthcoming films due to appear on our screens very soon (and to be honest he didn’t take much persuading !) After settling down with our traditional British pint of Fosters, I ask Mr Young if there had been anything in particular that had brought him back to the UK ?

I’m here to do a little press for ‘The Last Ship’ the show that I’m currently on and then some catching up with family and friends I haven’t seen for a while.

For those that haven’t seen the show yet could you give us a brief on what it’s all about and also about the role you play in it as Declan the Sono Op on the Rogue British Submarine ?  

“It’s a fun show to be on even though it has a very serious storyline, it’s a post-apocalyptic action packed nail biting show”. Craig goes on to tell me about his role in the series as he is part of a band of rogue British modern day pirates who have commandeered a nuclear submarine and they’re trying to stop the Americans from creating the cure “they basically want to make everyone immune from the airborne virus that’s gone global because they believe they are the chosen ones as for some reason they themselves are immune to the virus”. He laughs as he cuts there, as if he were to go any further worried that he gives any of the plot away, “as you are aware, every episode ends on a spectacular cliff hanger”. I explain that I was up to series two episode three so as of yet hadn’t met Craig’s character. Craig went on to say then that we must have met brothers Ned and Shaun (just) and that they are the sort of leaders of the cult (The immunes) who are both tricky characters which leads to a lot of in fighting within the submarine.

This in turn leads me to ask if Craig turns out to be a good or bad guy eventually ? A now cautious Craig goes as far as saying “that he believes there is justification in everything they do on the sub, the crew believe that this is Gods doing, a natural culling and everyone who died was meant to die and this cure shouldn’t have been found and so they should start a new population as opposed to trying to cure those that are inflicted”.

Listening to the explanation of the series you could be forgiven for thinking how deep this series is. The characters are pretty damn serious in ‘The Last Ship’ but all in all it is extremely entertaining viewing that’s for certain.

How did you get cast for the Last Ship ? Did you audition and was legendary director Michael Bay involved in choosing any of the cast for the second series ?

“Casting Director Gary Zuckerbrod who is an amazing guy did the auditions; I had auditioned for him previously, so he brought me in for this”. In fact it was an incredible turn around for Young as he went in on a Monday, was cast on the Tuesday and started shooting on the Wednesday. “Unfortunately Michael Bay never had any involvement with the auditions as he is, as you can imagine a very busy man” 

You’re also staring as Piet Hartog in the upcoming World War 2 movie ‘Return To The Hiding Place’, a true story about a real life hero (Piet), as the leader of a Dutch resistance group, sounds interesting can you tell us a bit of what Piet was like and did you have to do anything to get into character for that role ? 

“It has just been released in the US and is still awaiting a date of release for the UK, it is an incredible true story based on the Dutch resistance known as the ‘Rolls Royce’, during World War II they saved 800 lives in one evening from this one particular Gestapo officer who had a penchant for kids, he would skin them and make such things as lamp shades and luggage, extremely terrible war crimes”.

“The film is taken from the book with the same title written by Hans Poley, who by all accounts was a good friend of the writer and director of the film and so managed to get all these added stories before he passed away in 2004 which he has woven into the script now which is amazing to have”.

I asked if this was actually filmed in the Netherlands to which Craig informed me that it was actually filmed in an area of the US called Holland-in-Michigan, “in the 1940’s Dutch settlers went over to Americas East Coast where they settled down in the town and renamed it Holland and it is a mini version of the Netherlands with windmills, tulips, canals and bridges including bicycles so it is exactly like riding through Amsterdam and it’s never changed since, it’s literally a little gem of a time warp!”

“So most of it was shot there and then we filmed a little more over in Texas as well, production did a magnificent job in making it look and feel like 1940’s wartime Holland”.

Read the full interview HERE.


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