Craig at the MiFo Film Festival

The “Kiss Me, Kill Me” cast was in Miami in full force to present their movie. The screening took place on April, 24. Check out all the photos from the event !


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Two more festivals for “Kiss me, kill me”

Here comes another festival year for “Kiss me, kill me” with Craig R. Young !

Kiss me Kill me

The movie will be the Closing Night film at the Boston LGBT Film Festival on April 9th but also at the St Louis Film Fest on April 28th. Tickets are on sale now !

Craig at the ‘Kiss me Kill me’ world Premiere

The world premiere of “Kiss me, Kill me” at the Reeling Chicago Film Festival was a huge success as the theater was sold out that night !

Craig Robert Young @ Kiss me Kill me Premiere Chicago 18.09.15 (4)


Craig was attending the premiere beside Casper Andreas (director), David Michael Barrett (writer) and other cast members : Van Hansis and Kit Williamson.

The screening was followed by a Q&A with the cast. Here are some extracts !

More people were able to watch the movie as there was also a virtual online premiere at the same time for the lucky Kickstarter bakers.

Some positive feedback was spreading on social medias after the screening :

Great work, I really enjoyed it” Nomisugui

A fun, suspenseful murder mystery” Kellie

A-MA-ZING ! Kept me guessing till the end ! Great job, guys !” Angela

Great performances & lots of twists” Sharon

Top notch performances” Loewchen

‘Kiss me Kill me’ trailer

Exclusive trailer for “Kiss me, Kill me” movie, starring Craig R. Young !

Craig Robert Young @ Kiss me Kill me-Trailer 2015 (5)PHOTO GALLERY

From director Casper Andreas (“Going Down in LA-LA Land”) and screenwriter David Michael Barrett (“Such Good People”) comes a new thriller starring Van Hansis (“As the World Turns”), Gale M. Harold III (“Queer as Folk”), Brianna Brown (Devious Maids”), Yolonda Ross (“Whitney”), Craig Robert Young (“The Last Ship”), Jai Rodriguez (“Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”), Kit Williamson (“Madmen”), Matthew Ludwinski (“Going Down in LA-LA Land”), D.J. “Shangela” Pierce (“Rupaul’s Drag Race”), Jackie Monahan (“Codependent Space Alien Seeks Same”), Allison Lane (“Going Down in LA-LA Land”).

’50 Kisses’ festival story

“50 Kisses” is a world record holding (most writers on a film) crowd created feature film with multiple stories connected by one thing : a Valentines kiss.

Irreverent, charming, ridiculous, moving and at times wonderfully profound, “50 Kisses” features everything from love struck zombies, androids and teddy bears to fatigue fighting lesbians ! “50 Kisses” is the world’s first crowd generated feature film; a multi-cultural and global reflection of pop culture’s vision of love in the 21st century.

‘50 Kisses’ took just under two years from concept to completion with nearly two thousand scripts submitted, one hundred and twenty seven films completed and finally, one feature film… Here is a recap of its 2014 journey !

– “50 Kisses” has been officially selected for this year’s 10th annual Bay Street Film Festival in Thunder Bay, Ontario (Canada). The festival runs from September 3-7, 2014.

– “50 Kisses” won the Rhode Island International Film Festival Vision Award (August 5-10, 2014). Filmmaker Phil Peel and actress Holly Jacobson (from the segment ‘Love’) were there to collect the award. Congratulations to the whole “50 Kisses” community for yet another milestone.

50 Kisses Giant Screen

– “50 Kisses” was screened on a whopping screen in 4K at the Birmingham Film Festival on  June 7th, 2014. Filmmaking teams and screenwriters took the stage after the event for a Q&A session.

– The Scottish Premiere of “50 Kisses” took place in Inverness on June 4th, 2014 at the Go North Festival.

– Screening of “50 Kisses” in ‘The Cinema Truck’, a lorry converted into a mobile cinema on Monday May 26th, 2014 at the Holmfirth Film Festival (UK)

– Screening of “50 Kisses” at the Derby Film Festival (UK) on May 18th, 2014

– “50 Kisses” had been accepted to the London Independent Film Festival and played on Friday April 18th, 2014 at Shortwave with a Q&A afterward.

– The fifty one co-writers of “50 Kisses” gathered at BAFTA for a special screening on April 4th, 2014 and received their official ‘World Record Holder’ Awards and celebrated their extraordinary achievement.

50 Kisses World Record

– On February 13th 2014, crowdcreated feature film “50 Kisses” was simultaneously premiered and released in the UK. At a capacity screening at the London Genesis Cinema, cast, crew, friends and family gathered to celebrate in style.

‘Pepper’ on the road to success

Congrats to Craig R. Young, Marc Cleary & the cast and crew of “Pepper” on winning the ‘Best Overall Short Movie’ Award at the ‘Film Out San Diego Festival’ !

Film Out San Diego 2015

Here are the latest festivals selections for “Pepper”. The team is actually applying to a lot more festivals around the world.

– Curta Gênero, Fortaleza, Brazil (April 7-18, 2015)

This year the Mostra Internacional Audiovisual Curta o Gênero extends its programm, with two sessions of films. Beside 40 films selected out of 170 registered, there will be a special session of 6 films produced by the ONG Fábrica de Imagens.
Curta Gênero Brazil 2015

– A Sense of Pride, Los Angeles, California (June 13, 2015)

“Pepper” has been selected to play at Soho House West Hollywood Saturday June 13th as part of Brits in LA’s ‪”‎A Sense Of Pride” screening series.

A Sense of Pride LA 2015     .

Mix México – Diversidad Sexual en Cine y Video (May 26-JUne 15, 2015)

Ola Mix Mexico 2015

– Rio Gay Film Festival, Rio, Brazil (July 2-12, 2015)

The Rio Gay Film Festival screen feature and short films – fiction, documentary, experimental and animation, about gender and sexuality. It provides a connection for the people who share their passion for cinema.

Rio Gay Festival de Cinema 2015

The Wannabe movie is coming back !

A few days ago, Craig R. Young, Adam Huss and Richard Keith were shooting some scenes of the new “Wannabe” movie. What do they have in store for us ? Be patient and we’ll know more very soon…

In the meantime, Major W. Latimer, give us sone hints on what was going on behind-the-scenes :

During last Saturday’s shoot for “Wannabe“, we shot at two locations. The first in Studio City, CA & the second in Culver City, CA. Company moves can always be a pain but we travelled light and shot this scene quickly before we returned to the first location to finish off our day.

Craig Robert Young @ Wannabe - Set 12.04.2015 (7)

At the second spot I got to meet Kira Halling for the first time. Her character was an agent at an adoption agency. She did a fantastic job and improvised one of my favorite lines from the day when asked by Adam Huss’ character if a photo was of a boy or a girl, she replied : “That one is sexually ambiguous at this point.” I loved it so much after the director said cut I walked over and gave her a high five. What can I say I love what I do and the people I get to do it with ! I’ll share tech specs once I get still frames from production (…)

Get these two actors (Craig R. Young and Adam Huss) together in the same room and they become the “Gooftroop Duo“. Hilarious improv actors who play off each other so well. It’s been a long while since they’ve played these characters for “Wannabe” but they fell back into them like an old comfy couch and just killed each and every scene.

Craig Robert Young @ Wannabe - Set 12.04.2015 (8)PHOTO GALLERY

We started the morning an hour behind with having to dress the set and get lighting/sound rigged up just right. Now the beauty of working with well polished actors… The beauty of this is even though we started behind we sort of caught up because we had to do so few takes. They just nailed it each time. If nothing else, they left us time to play a bit more and try some varied options. Can’t wait to work with them both again.

Craig Robert Young @ Wannabe -Set 23.03.2015 (3)