Craig at the MiFo Film Festival

The “Kiss Me, Kill Me” cast was in Miami in full force to present their movie. The screening took place on April, 24. Check out all the photos from the event !


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Craig at the ‘Kiss me Kill me’ world Premiere

The world premiere of “Kiss me, Kill me” at the Reeling Chicago Film Festival was a huge success as the theater was sold out that night !

Craig Robert Young @ Kiss me Kill me Premiere Chicago 18.09.15 (4)


Craig was attending the premiere beside Casper Andreas (director), David Michael Barrett (writer) and other cast members : Van Hansis and Kit Williamson.

The screening was followed by a Q&A with the cast. Here are some extracts !

More people were able to watch the movie as there was also a virtual online premiere at the same time for the lucky Kickstarter bakers.

Some positive feedback was spreading on social medias after the screening :

Great work, I really enjoyed it” Nomisugui

A fun, suspenseful murder mystery” Kellie

A-MA-ZING ! Kept me guessing till the end ! Great job, guys !” Angela

Great performances & lots of twists” Sharon

Top notch performances” Loewchen

‘Kiss me Kill me’ trailer

Exclusive trailer for “Kiss me, Kill me” movie, starring Craig R. Young !

Craig Robert Young @ Kiss me Kill me-Trailer 2015 (5)PHOTO GALLERY

From director Casper Andreas (“Going Down in LA-LA Land”) and screenwriter David Michael Barrett (“Such Good People”) comes a new thriller starring Van Hansis (“As the World Turns”), Gale M. Harold III (“Queer as Folk”), Brianna Brown (Devious Maids”), Yolonda Ross (“Whitney”), Craig Robert Young (“The Last Ship”), Jai Rodriguez (“Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”), Kit Williamson (“Madmen”), Matthew Ludwinski (“Going Down in LA-LA Land”), D.J. “Shangela” Pierce (“Rupaul’s Drag Race”), Jackie Monahan (“Codependent Space Alien Seeks Same”), Allison Lane (“Going Down in LA-LA Land”).

Craig Young interviewed by The Nottingham Post

The Last Ship star Craig Young talks Hollywood, toilet humour and partying with Sir Elton John !

Craig Robert Young @ Nottingham Post 18.08.2015 (4)


Seeing him share a pint of cider with his retired mum at the Nottingham Beach bar, it’s hard to believe that Nottingham actor Craig Young spends the majority of his year in Los Angeles, working on big budget productions such as TV’s “Lost”, partying with the legendary Elton John and living directly under the Hollywood sign’s H.

The 41-year-old does, however, look the part, with a golden tan, blonde quiff and twinkling smile, but it takes some gentle persuasion from his mum before he starts sharing his star stories.

“I go to The Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Award Party,” he smiles, taking a sip of his increasingly warm pint. “I stayed at his house in the south of France one time, which was fun. He has these massive Bentley convertibles, and he goes, ‘right come on everyone we are going to the restaurant, everyone get in.‘ So you get ready and go out and he has this convoy of open-top Bentleys, and you go through Nice and everyone is looking at you and you think, ‘oh my God, this is so embarrassing, but also amazing’.”

Currently starring as Declan in the post-apocalyptic Sky 1 series, The Last Ship, Craig, who grew-up in Farnborough Road where his mum and dad still live, plays the sonar operator on a rogue nuclear submarine.

He said: “I’m a bit like Scotty from Star Trek. I went for an audition on the Monday, got the job Tuesday and was filming Wednesday so it was a pretty fast turn-around. But I have a nephew who is in the navy and, because I am sort of playing an ex-navy type, I called him to say, ‘what is this ? What does that mean ? Where’s starboard ?’ It was fantastic to film, it was almost like lads being away.”

The show, which also stars Grey’s Anatomy’s Eric Dane, was filmed at the famous Culver Studios, in California. Craig said: “It’s where ‘Gone With The Wind’, ‘I Love Lucy’, and some really big television shows, were shot, so we were in very good company.”

Craig Robert Young @ Nottingham Post 18.08.2015 (10)

As well as The Last Ship, Craig has just finished a film called “Kiss Me Kill Me”, a modern-day film noir about a man who wakes up in a hospital bed to find out his fiancée has been murdered. However, being injured in the process means he has no memory of it and is the prime suspect. Its US premiere is in September in Chicago.

And then there’s the one-man show the former ‘Deuce’ band member is developing for next year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival called “The Lost Year” Of Richard Burton. He said: “In 2012, his diaries were released in a book form but there was a year missing despite him writing avidly.”

Despite his heavy workload after 16 years in Hollywood, Craig insists that family time is crucial and he plans to go to the pub and have a game of bowling while he is here with his family. Craig says that, deep down, he’s still the same Clifton boy, and when a certain Vine video he made of a person passing wind is mentioned he roars with laughter.

He said: “I guess you can’t really take the boy out of Clifton. I have a real schoolboy humour and fart humour is the funniest thing in the world to me. It’s not highbrow, it’s disgusting – but I can’t stop laughing.”

Source : The Nottingham Post (18/08/2015)

Craig on Distract TV UK

DistractTV’s Stephen Stallone Meets Actor Craig Young ! He’s made it as as an successful working Actor in LA, and currently the star of American post-apocalyptic drama television series, ‘The Last Ship’. Originally from Nottingham, UK we sit down with the NCIS/ Zoey 101 man himself.


Craig Robert Young (born 4 October 1973) is a British actor who began his acting career at age ten, starring in the stage production of ‘The Price of Coal’. By the time he was 17, he moved to London to attend the Central School of Speech and Drama, whereupon he was chosen to become a member of the pop band Deuce, scoring four top 30 single hits: Call It Love’, ‘I Need You’, ‘On the Bible’, and ‘No Surrender’.

Young’s TV credits include fab shows : ‘The Spyder Games’, ‘Lost’, ‘Melrose Place’,‘Sabrina The Teenage Witch’, ‘Charmed’, ‘Fringe’, and more.

He began a successful stint as Alex Wilkinson in the long-running, award-winning British television series ‘Dream Team’. In 2001, he moved to Los Angeles, where he soon became a regular on the MTV series ‘Spyder Games’. Other television roles followed included appearances on ‘S Club 7’, ‘Charmed’, ‘Sabrina, the Teenage Witch’ and ‘The District’. Young was also cast in the films ‘Totally Sexy Loser’ and ‘Wannabe’, the latter, he co-wrote with director Richard Keith.

In addition to shooting the television pilot Zoey 101 opposite Jamie Lynn Spears, Young portrayed Coach Moore in ‘Just for Kicks’, the Nickelodeon soccer series. He appeared in the play ‘Boise’, USA originating the role of “Will Fairchild” in 2008.

More recently, he has appeared in the CW’s 2009 series ‘Melrose Place’, playing Ella Simms’s German love-rat famed director “Franz Keppler”. He recurred on the TV series ’10 Things I Hate About You’, playing yet another German, “Frank Kline”. J.J. Abrams has cast him in three of his TV series, ‘Lost’, ‘What About Brian’, and ‘Fringe’.

In July 2010, Young acted in the World War II action thriller ‘Return to the Hiding Place’ (2011). In 2011, he had a recurring role on NCIS: Los Angeles as Dracul Comescu, an enemy to NCIS Special Agent G. Callen (Chris O’Donnell) with the role even expanding over to the ‘Hawaii Five-0’ episode “Pa Make Loa” which was a crossover between both NCIS: Los Angeles and Hawaii Five-0 with Young’s role as Comescu ending when his character, Comescu was shot dead by O’Donnell’s character, Callen.

In 2014 episodes of the TV series “Hit The Floor” and “Hot In Cleveland”.

Source : Distract TV (07/08/2015)