Photos from the UKares Awards

Check out some pictures from the UKares Awards evening on December 10th.

Craig Robert Young @ UKares Awards LA 10.12.2015 (6)



UKares Awards 2015

UKares is pleased to be honoring Lisa Vanderpump with this year’s’ “Positive Impact Award” in recognition of her wonderful philanthropy work. on Thursday Dec 10th.

UKares Awards 2015

An advocate for the local and national LGBT community, Lisa is a spokesperson for GLAAD, plays an active role in the Trevor Project and led this year’s 31st annual AIDS Walk Los Angeles. And has supported dozens of other charities too. She will be honored alongside Joan Collins and Audley Harrison.

Tickets available HERE.

TopShop TopMan event for UKares

Craig Robert Young hosted the success of TNT’S ‘The Last Ship’ to raise funds for the UKares Foundation at Topshop Topman event on July 15, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. Many friends of Craig were there too : Emrhys Cooper, Victoria Hoffman, Sandro Monetti, Brianna Lynn Brown and many more !

“TopMan and Peake Pr have chosen to celebrate my upcoming role as Declan on ‘The Last Ship’ with a party. The great thing I’m most happy about is, that they are making a 10% donation to my charity UKares Foundation for all purchases made”.

Craig Robert Young @ TopShop TopMan event LA 15.07.2015 (26)


UKares at the LA Pride Parade

Brits were making history this week as the first foreign government to march in at the Los Angeles Pride. Craig R. Young with his UKares Foundation took part of this annual event beside Chris O’Connor, British Consul General in California.

Craig Robert Young @ LA Pride 12.06.2015 (4)

Scott Kaske & Craig Robert Young


“I believe it is the obligation of any government which promotes human rights to support the LGBT community globally. I and my colleagues from the British Consulate will do that this Sunday. We’ll be easy to spot on our red double-decker bus! Our colleagues at British Consulates in Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, New York and San Francisco will support Pride in their cities. So will our Embassy in Washington, D.C., and our representation to the United Nations.” (Chris O’Connor)


Check out our Brits on Christopher Street West (West Hollywood) at the LGBT PRIDE Parade !

Craig R. Young meets Rod Stewart

Some of the UKares board members – including Craig R. Young – met with the legend Rod Stewart and his wife at the “A world at school” event.

Craig Robert Young @Theirworld Upforschool Event LA 02.06.2015

The collaboration between Theirworld and Astley Clarke was celebrated in Los Angeles on June 2nd at a reception attended by a host of British and American celebrities backing the campaign to get every child into school.

Rod Stewart and his wife Penny Lancaster, Rainn Wilson, Minnie Driver and Piers Morgan were among the guests who added the names to the 5.7 million people who have already signed the “Up For School” petition. It calls on governments to deliver on their promise of a quality education for every child by the end of 2015.

The reception took place at the LA residence of British Consul General Chris O’Connor. Guests saw an exhibition by photographer Simon Urwin, learned more about the work of Theirworld and its collaboration with Astley Clarke.

Great success for the launching of UKares

Craig‘s foundation UKares has been launched on Saturday evening. You can read his speech below and check the photo gallery :


“Thank you all so much for braving the rain and being here to supporting this brand new charity. The UKares Foundation. I am honored and humbled that so many of you want to make a difference and give back.

I’d like to start by thanking our generous volunteers, Maria, Richard, Thomas, Tayler, Nathan, Julia, Valeria and Lorraine.

Committee Members Shirley Green, Darren Darnborough, Emrhys Cooper and our VOG Sandro Monetti.

Our wonderful talent this evening, Maya Fiennes, Gus Farwell and Maria Elena Infantino.

Our presenters and guest speaker, Don Haber and Jake Kloberdanz. Mandeep from AD-mospheric for these beautiful light installations that you can’t see because of the rain and Tyler our music maestro for the evening. The photographers Dawn, Alan, Kerstin and Maya.

All of our Sponsors, Volkswagen of Santa Monica, A LA Car Guy Dealer. One Hope Wine, Heneiken, Patron and Ultimat Vodka, Smart Water Honest Tea, Tealadyz, Peak PR. And all the individuals and business who donated so gracefully to our silent auction and giftbags.

The board of directors that gravitated towards each other to create this much needed charity. My work wife… Eileen Lee, Gano Lemoine, Sandra McClean, Marina Paganucci, Christine Peake and our chairman of the board Marc Connelly. Thank you all so much for taking this journey with me so we all may make a difference.

And finally congratulations to our honorees Katy Haber and Bernard Skibben who have given back to their community in so many countless ways. From all of us thank you so very much for your continuing contribution.

So… what is UKares exactly.

Ukares is a non-profit to assist and advice individuals or families from the UK and Commonwealth countries living abroad who find themselves in desperate times of need, transition or crisis. Simply put we are a helping hand wrapped in a red white blue glove. Some place you can turn to when it seems like all hope is lost. You may just need advice on renewing a visa or how to get insurance, or perhaps assistance after an accident, or to plan a funeral. One thing is for sure we’ll be there to steer you right, get you back on your feet and help you on your way.

Lets face it… Moving to a foreign country can be very daunting, and for some very lonely. I know I was homesick for the first three months of moving here, and back then there didn’t seem to be much of a British community. Many move here to carve out careers in the entertainment industry, some in technology, building trade, service industry and to look after other people’s children.

I for one, consider myself very fortunate and have lived a very charmed life, watching Baywatch, Dallas and Dynasty as a young kid I knew that I wanted to live in America, If i’m honest, for the glitz and the glamour of it all. And here I am today in one of the most glamorous homes in the world with all you glitzy people.

Most people that move to a land far away probably had a similar dream. But dreams don’t come without challenges and life can throw us all curve balls, situations that can set us back.

So what are some of the things we would like to do with your donations? Your hard earned cash, there are so many deserving charities out there why should you give it us. What’s that I hear, why doesn’t your family help you? why not get a job? What’s wrong with you? We all have to do it…

Well it’s quite difficult if you are the young British lady who is recovering from a ruptured Brain aneurysm who was working free lance for a valet parking company. She will have to go through months of therapy to learn how to speak again, to gain strength in her muscles to be able to walk again. And who knows how long before she can get back to parking cars again. Her 18 year old Son just sold her car to help pay their rent and bills, her friends rallied round last week to raise money for her, they did well and raised 20 thousand dollars for her. But in all seriousness that’s probably only going to last six months. She needs our help.

One particular story I heard that inspired and motivated me into gathering this great group of people was the story of Max, a 12 year old boy who was killed in a hit and run car accident at the side of a freeway, his Mother and sister were also critically injured. His family didn’t have the money to bury their Son. He wasn’t allowed to have a proper send off in a dignified manor.

Once again the family’s friends and neighbors raised funds for little Max and gave him the funeral he deserved.

When we created Brits in LA it was just, a social gathering for a bunch of ex-pats wanting to have a good time. But 5 years and close to 5000 members later it has grown to be much more, a real virtual community with amazing people all ready to help.

Now every week we a hearing from members in need, stories of domestic abuse, loved ones passing, stories of people falling off balconies and their insurance won’t cover the cost of a wheelchair. Some one having to flying home with serious illnesses that even with insurance here they can’t afford the premiums or co-pays to have the operations here.

And I kept thinking there must be something we can do to help and things that can be done.


So, one of the few things we would like to do is to have an advice centre where people can drop in and we have expert staff on call who can answer questions, getting people the right HELP they need, whether it be medical, employment or even finding out what your options are when renewing a visa CAN BE VERY STRESSFUL

Another thing we’d like to do is set up an affordable health insurance plan for our members offering affordable premiums and minimum co-pays, and align ourselves with airline companies who can donate or offer discounted emergency flights between America and the UK for those who can’t afford to visit a dying parent, or we maybe able to suggest the right assisted living place for a recent widower who is elderly. Home-help to an individual who can no longer tend to him or herself.

Provide rides to those that can no longer drive. Assist a man who got laid off from work get back on his feet by helping him to effectively find a new job., Safe housing to those who may have found themselves in a dangerous situation. Advice and assistance is key in all of these situations. And it’s our way of saying When No One Else Cares -Ukares. So please help us, as these situations could happen to any of us or someone you know, and wouldn’t be nice to know that there is somewhere you can turn to?

So please consider bidding on the auction items at the back of the room or fill out one of the donation forms. I thank you all for being here and being apart of UKares at the very beginning.

And now I’d like to introduce you to someone who knows a lot about caring and sharing I had the pleasure of meeting this young gentleman, yes he’s younger than me, a few months ago in his office in El Segundo and he wowed me with his business savvy and charming personality and gift of wine. He has now become a real inspiration to me, He was named ‘business week’s’ top 25 under 25, has helped many charities raise millions of dollars in just the last four years through his own Non-profit -ONE HOPE wine and has just launched One Hope Coffee too, supporting this month’s Movember. He’s appeared in such magazines as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Wine Enthusiast, glamour and my favorite Ok magazine. Please welcome JAKE KLOBERDANZ.”

Interview with Craig R. Young for Functional Girl

Check out a brand new interview with the “always busy” Craig for “Functional Girl“. He’s talking about his next projects !

Craig Robert Yum… I mean Young ! (Functional Girl 15/11/2012)

I first met Craig when I read with him at an audition last year. Forget about the fact that he’s, quite simply, a brilliant actor, he’s also impossibly charming with a wicked sense of humor… did I mention that he’s sexy as hell? Yeah, that too. Well now you understand the nickname. What I didn’t learn until getting to know him a little better is that he’s a smart, ambitious entrepreneur who has started two companies and founded a non-profit… talent, brains, looks and a big ol’ heart. Who else could have possibly been our very first Functional Guy? No one, that’s who.

(…) FG: Aside from being an exceptionally good actor, you’re also an entrepreneur. Tell us about the evolution of your company, Brits in LA.

CRY: Why thank you for the compliment! Brits in LA evolved organically with fellow Brit Eileen Lee in 2007. We both realized that there was no real sense of community in LA. I felt that the Russian, Armenian and Mexican cultures were all well represented and with the huge influx of British ex-pats moving to LA, they needed somewhere to feel like they belonged. LA can be a lonely place without your loved ones and friends. So we set out to build an online social group that offered friendly advice and support, which has grown into hosting high profile events.

FG: 2012 has been a big year for you! You started your own production company, launched a non-profit and the film Wannabe, which you co-wrote and starred in, premiered exclusively on Facebook. What’s next?

Well the scary but exciting thing about life in general is that we never really know what’s around the corner. At the moment I’m working diligently to get the UKares up and running, and hope to raise a lot of money for the cause. I’ve banded together with a great group of people who have donated a lot of their precious time and talents. Ukares is about helping families and individuals from the UK and commonwealth in times of transition, need and crisis. There have been a lot of cases where people have not been able to get home to attend a family member’s funeral, or have had a serious accident and their family couldn’t afford to visit them, or someone has fallen ill can’t work to pay their  bills. Somethings we take for granted, like the NHS,  aren’t available in the US.  Health care is a big concern to UK subjects. With Obamacare we feel we will be able to provide affordable group healthcare for those that have made a home for themselves under the red, white and blue umbrella. We all need a helping hand sometimes.

I’m auditioning and getting close on things but still waiting for that one right job. I’ve been developing a pilot with Mike Sullivan who created Growing Pains. I can’t talk about it just yet, but I think it’s amazing and will be a hit. I’ve also been working on another show set at the Jersey shore. The location was devastated by Hurricane Sandy, so everyone is doing fundraisers to provide relief for those effected (…).

You can read the entire interview HERE.

Craig launches UKares

Craig is pleased to announce the launch of his charity organization called “UKares“.
UKares is an international human services organisation, that helps and supports individuals or families living abroad. The foundation is a safety net, providing support and financial aid to those who are in need, crisis or transition.
When No One Cares – Ukares

A helping hand wrapped in a red, white and blue glove
And to make it official, there is a cocktail party planned in LA on November 17th. Join it or make a donation to show your support !
The first ever Community Awards will be given during that evening :
– ‘The Positive Impact’ award to Katy Haber for her philanthropic service to the Los Angleles community
– The ‘Inspiration’ award to the 84 years young Bernard Skibbens, for encouraging people to live their dreams, not matter age they are
There will be some exceptional performances through out the evening – Opera singers Gus Farwell and Marina Elena Infantino will be entertaining the guests along with classical pianist Mya Fiennes and special guest speaker Jake Kloberdanz, CEO from OneHope wines will make a speech.
The evening is sponsored by Volkswagen Santa Monica, LA Car Guy and OneHope Wines and presented by Brits in LA. Drinks provided by Ultimate Vodka, Coca-Cola, Smart Water, Heineken and Honest Tea. Tray-passed H’orderves by Mary’s Kitchen.
This cocktail evening will be a most elegant affair at the private Bel Air Home of one of The UKares directors. The evening will also include a silent auction where 100 percent of all proceeds will go the UKares Foundation.
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