Toscars 2016 winners

Here is the winners’ list from this year’s edition :

Craig Robert Young @ The Toscars by Danny Go 24.02.2016 (13)

Best Parody Film – “Mad Mex : Churro Road” (Kim Morgan Greene & Ewan Chung)
Best Whactress (actress) – Kim Morgan Greene – “Mad Mex”
Best Dicktator – Marc Cleary – “Mad Mex”
Best Looking (DP) – Jimmy Page – “Mad Mex”
Best Cutter (Editor) – Adam Wood – “Mad Mex”
Best Tunes (score) – Jonathan Mille – “Mad Mex”
Best scribblers (writter) – Martin Lee White & Serena Lorien for The Short (short)
Best supporting whactor (supporting actor) – Wyatt Bunce – The Short (short)
Best whactor (actor) – Harry Van Gorvan – The Short (short)