2006 The Witching Hour – Charmed Convention

The Witching Hour” was the first and only “Charmed” Convention in UK. It took place from July 14th to July 16th 2006 at the Thistle Hotel in Heathrow (London).


Guests list :

Craig Young : Dave (Paiges ex-boyfriend)

Dorian Gregory   : Darryl Morris

Elisabeth Harnois : Brooke

Jennifer Rhodes : Penny “Grams” Halliwell

Jesse Woodrow : Glen (Paiges ex-boyfriend)

Michael Bailey Smith : Balthasar, Shax, Janor, The Source

Neil Roberts : Rex Buckland


Programm :


7:00 pm : opening ceremony and presentation of the guests


2:00 pm : Panel with Neil Roberts & Craig Young


12:30 pm : Panel with Jesse Woodrow & Craig Young

From the panel with Craig Young :

– If he wouldn’t be an actor, he would be a writer or a producer

– He wouldn’t like to play a demon

– His favourite TV serie is Nip Tuck

– He likes to watch DVDs late at night, at least 6 hours in a row

– He likes the TV show “Big Brother”

– He had more fun on the set of “Charmed” than on the set of “Lost”

– His favourite actors are Robert De Niro and Anthony Hopkins

– His first scene in « Charmed » was in bed with Rose McGowan; to work with her was fantastic, she’s a great actress

– A funny story : he once met Katherine Zeta-Jones and she said : “Nice to meet you again“, but they never met before !

– He will watch all the “Charmed” episodes from the other guests

– It was his first Convention

(Thanks to Flappy from PruePiperPhoebePaige in Germany for the report)