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Style on screen meets Craig Robert Young (Style on Screen 17/07/14)

Craig Robert Young brings bad boy style to Jaguar #followthevillain (Trendboard NYC 09/07/14)

Craig Robert Young named’s as Jag’s new Villain ! (Sean Borg goes LA 07/07/14)

Craig Robert Young Brings Bad Boy Style to Jaguar’s #followthevillain – See more at:


Craig Robert Young Brings Bad Boy Style to Jaguar’s #followthevillain – See more at:

Bad boy takes the wheel in Jaguar’s new follow the villain campaign (Extra TV 07/07/14)

British actor Craig Young is Jaguar’s new villain (Auto Evolution 04/07/14)

Craig Young is Jaguar’s New bad boy (Wireupdate 04/07/2014)

Jaguar gets a new villain… (British Weekly 05/07/14)

Chasing wheel – Good, famous and dishy (Amanda Eliasch 04/07/14)

Who’s James Bond look-a-like – Jaguar R-Seriescommercials (Rumor Fix 04/07/14)

The Vortex at Malibu Playhouse (Gia On The Move Reviews 25/04/14)

The Vortex (Stage Raw 23/04/14)

‘The Vortex’ showcases 1960s counterculture (Malibu Surfside News 21/04/14)

The Vortex: you can’t help getting sucked in… (British Weekly 18/04/14)

Malibu Seen : Mad Men (Malibu Times 17/04/14)

Noel Coward’s The Vortex (CRY Blogspot 16/04/14)

Thespian Thoughts – The Vortex – Theatre Review by Sandro Monetti (Actors Entertainement 16/04/2014)

A beautiful swirling Vortex of Beastliness (The Anglo Files 16/04/2014)

‘The Vortex’ : One of the best plays in Los Angeles (FVM Global 04/2014)

‘The Vortex’: British High Society Meets Malibu Stage( Malibu Times 16/04/2014)

Theatre Review – “The Vortex” (NoHo Arts District 15/04/2014)

The Vortex : a « pas-de-deux » for Mother and Son (Cynthia Citrom 13/04/2014)

The Vortex (Stage Scene LA 11/04/14)

Marc Cleary: From Dancer to Director (Huffington Post 09/04/14)

Malibu Playhouse presents The Vortex (Eye Spy LA 04/14)

Noel Coward’s “The Vortex”opens Friday at Malibu Playhouse ! (Pacific Palisades 08/04/14)

Opening April 11th at Malibu Playhouse – Noel Coward’s “The Vortex” (Santa Monica Patch 04/04/14)

Noel Coward’s “The Vortex” opens April 11 at Malibu Playhouse (Malibu Patch 22/03/14)

Exclusive interview with Craig Robert Young about the 7th annual Toscars (Just Celebrity 25/02/14)


Q&A with Sweet Home Films’ Evan and Kerry Marlowe (50 Kisses 13/10/13)

Craig Robert Young official interview (Dream Team Die Hard 12/06/13)

Just finished filming 2 projects in April 2013! (Charlene Geisler 27/04/13)

Review Return to the Hiding Place (Inside Out Culture & News 22/04/13)

On the verge… (Finding Cupid 11/04/13)

Ant’s wife Lisa wants her very own Big Reunion for former band Deuce (The Sun 03/04/13)

Interview: Craig Young, CEO of Brits in LA (BBC America 12/03/13)

Sending up Hollywood British-style (BBC News 17/02/13)


Craig Robert yum I mean Young (16/11/12)

Mens hairstyles (The Hairstyler 15/10/12)

Journey of an Aspiring Scriptwriter / Filmmaker (Steve 5by5 30/09/12)

The Biz : Who’s new in Hollywood ? (09/12)

Safari ! So-Goody ! (CRY Blogspot 23/07/12)

NU Intern Blogger: Michael DeMarco (10/07/12)

Cross interview with the 2012 Toscars winners (CRY Online 13/05/12)

Best guest performances on Fringe (High on Celluloid 11/05/12)

Craig Robert Young charms Hawaii 5.0. fans (50 Undercover 27/04/12)

Buzzing: Is Craig Robert Young, Lindsay Lohan’s Leading Man ? (Brave New Hollywood 27/04/12)


Old “Word” buddies Dani & Katie reunited at Brits in LA Xmas ‘do (British Weekly 17/12/11)

Interview with Craig Robert Young (12/2011) (8 parts)

Interview with Craig Robert Young (Who Hub 24/11/11) (2 parts)

War of Resistance DVD review (The Film Pilgrim 17/08/11)

Craig Robert Young back on NCIS: Los Angeles… (British Weekly 30/07/11)

Brit Actors Darren Darnborough and Craig Robert Young’s Hillarious New Comedy ‘Andy & Chaz Bugger Off to Hollywood’ (Anglotopia 26/07/11)

InnerView: Craig Robert Young (Emerging Magazine 24/07/11)

British Actor Craig Robert Young Back in NCIS: Los Angeles… (British Weekly 24/07/11)

The Gromble Attend L.A. Premiere Of ‘Andy and Chaz Bugger Off To America’ (Music News Nashville 13/07/11)

True Blood’s Darren Darnborough & NCIS: LA’s Craig Robert Young Star in Hollywood’s Newest British Comedy ‘Andy & Chaz Bugger Off To America’ (Emerging Magazing 05/07/11)

** Andy & Chaz bugger off to America (British Weekly 02/07/11)

British Actor Craig Robert Young Back in NCIS: Los Angeles… (Sean Borg Goes LA 30/06/11)

Andy & Chaz Bugger Off To America! To Hollywood To Be Exact… (Sean Borg Goes LA 30/06/11)

Lock Your Doors and Get Online: “ANDY and CHAZ” launch their havoc on America (Brave New Hollywood 30/06/11)

The British are coming, the British are coming…Well, actually they are already here ! (FVM Global Magazine 11)

Craig Robert Young – London Flair (05/11)

Richard Keith – London Flair (2011)

Me, as a penguin… A must see play in LA ! (Sean Borg goes LA 16/02/11)

Theater review: ‘Me, As a Penguin’ at the Lost Studio (LA Times 10/02/11)

Me, as a penguin (Stage Happening 02/11)

Theater review : Me, as a penguin (Frontiers LA 01/02/11)

Theater review : Me, as a penguin (Santa Monica Mirror 27/01/11)

“Me, As a Penguin”: Now-March 6 at The Lost Studio (Campus Circle 26/01/11)

Penguins? What’s not to love ? (LA Theater Examiner 21/01/11)

March down to “Me, as a penguin” at the Lost Studio (Eye Spy LA 20/01/11)

Me as a penguin (Backstage 20/01/11)

Me as a penguin (LA Weekly 20/01/11)

Why We Produce British Plays (LA Stage Times 13/01/11)

Brendan Hunt, Craig Robert Young, et al. Set for Lost Studio’s Me, As a Penguin (Theater News 04/01/11)

2008 – 2010

The Lost Studio Presents “Me, as a Penguin” (Broadway World 16/12/10)

** Whilst you were at 30 000 feet (Air Crew Sin 2009)

You gotta stop acting like a child (Pop Unlimited 26/06/08)

Boise, USA Matrix Theatre (Los Angeles Tribe 06/2008)

Boise, USA (Backstage 18/06/08)

Boise USA (Review Plays 06/08)

Boise USA (Stage Happenings 06/08)

Witch hunt in darker days (LA Times 23/05/08)

Boise, USA (Edge Chicago 20/05/08)


TV Preview : Whoopi takes her dream team to play soccer on Nickelodeon (Post Gazette 09/04/06)

Soccer series keeps personalities in play (LA Times 08/04/06)

Wannabe (E-Film Critic 15/01/06)

Wannabe (E-Notes 2006)

Wannabe (Film Threat 2006)

Craig Robert Young : All that you wannabe (Starry Mag 2006)

Wannabe Review (Movie Shark Deblore 2006)

Alex Wilkinson played by Craig Robert Young (Harchester 2006)

2003 – 2005

Red Star (All Business 01/12/05)

Humor, rage in the Stalin era (LA Times 25/11/05)

Boston Film Festival, Day Two: Wannabe and When Do We Eat ? (Jay’s Movie Blog 15/09/05)

Exclusive Interview: Craig Robert Young (Harchester 03/05)

Totally Sexy Loser (Image Out 07/10/03)

Totally Sexy Loser (SFO L&G Film Festival 06/03)