It’s funny how you sometimes get to meet people and how you end doing a website : just because of a glimpse of “NCIS: Los Angeles” and a few Tweets. So… Here we are !

Being curious in a good way, I started digging what I would call… gold. I had no idea that there would be so much things to find, it’s impressive. From his childhood dream of being an actor to his successful career in Los Angeles, Craig is definitely a multi-tasked artist : from singer, dancer, video-jockey, hoster to writer, director, producer … and actor, of course.

Very down to earth, Craig probably brought that little bit of British touch that was missing in Hollywood.

I hope you’ll enjoy CRY Online, “the story of a British actor living his dream in LA” and stay tuned for more info to come !

Much love,

LZ xoxo

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