2007 What about Brian

What about the Exes…” (Season 2 Episode 11)

Guest Star : Craig Robert Young as Rock Star


Synopsis : Adam and Heather return home and discover they have been victimized by a thief and Heather believes she knows who did it. There is a daycare facility at Dave’s office now and he has helped Roxanne get a job there and begins bringing the girls there after school. Brian and Bridget have ‘the exes’ talk and Brian is closemouthed about the Marjorie relationship which backfires on him. Roxanne makes an alarming discovery about Carrie’s hearing and a doctor’s prognosis is not good. Adam and Jimmy confront Schmitty the former customer of Heather’s they think is responsible for the break in which at first seems to go well but could have more legal repercussions later. Dave and Deena discover Marjorie’s name on list of pediatricians and make contact with her regarding Carrie.