2010 10 things I hate about you

Too much information” (Season 1 Episode 16) / “Revolution” (Season 1 Episode 20)

Guest Star : Craig Robert Young as Frank Kline


Synopsis : Bianca and Joey are watching a modeling show (“The Biggest Poser“). Joey can’t concentrate because there are cupcakes in front of him. He doesn’t want to eat them so he puts them in the fridge. The show is looking for male models so Joey may enter. Kat returns to her bedroom and finds Patrick lying on her bed. Patrick says he missed Kat. Kat allows a kiss but tells him to leave because Walter will have a fit if they are caught. Patrick asks to stay the night because he got “kicked out”. Kat says no, but it seems Patrick really has no place to go as he suggests he’ll just have to sleep in the park. Kat lets him stay, but he’s sleeping on the floor.

Episode 16

Episode 20