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The Wannabe movie is coming back !

A few days ago, Craig R. Young, Adam Huss and Richard Keith were shooting some scenes of the new “Wannabe” movie. What do they have in store for us ? Be patient and we’ll know more very soon…

In the meantime, Major W. Latimer, give us sone hints on what was going on behind-the-scenes :

During last Saturday’s shoot for “Wannabe“, we shot at two locations. The first in Studio City, CA & the second in Culver City, CA. Company moves can always be a pain but we travelled light and shot this scene quickly before we returned to the first location to finish off our day.

Craig Robert Young @ Wannabe - Set 12.04.2015 (7)

At the second spot I got to meet Kira Halling for the first time. Her character was an agent at an adoption agency. She did a fantastic job and improvised one of my favorite lines from the day when asked by Adam Huss’ character if a photo was of a boy or a girl, she replied : “That one is sexually ambiguous at this point.” I loved it so much after the director said cut I walked over and gave her a high five. What can I say I love what I do and the people I get to do it with ! I’ll share tech specs once I get still frames from production (…)

Get these two actors (Craig R. Young and Adam Huss) together in the same room and they become the “Gooftroop Duo“. Hilarious improv actors who play off each other so well. It’s been a long while since they’ve played these characters for “Wannabe” but they fell back into them like an old comfy couch and just killed each and every scene.

Craig Robert Young @ Wannabe - Set 12.04.2015 (8)PHOTO GALLERY

We started the morning an hour behind with having to dress the set and get lighting/sound rigged up just right. Now the beauty of working with well polished actors… The beauty of this is even though we started behind we sort of caught up because we had to do so few takes. They just nailed it each time. If nothing else, they left us time to play a bit more and try some varied options. Can’t wait to work with them both again.

Craig Robert Young @ Wannabe -Set 23.03.2015 (3)


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